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Repackaging academic publications for IVF clinic staff.

Please contact us if you are interested in contributing to IVFCPD
IVFCPD is undergoing a major consolidation-pages may change frequently.

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  About IVFCPD

IVFCPD is a new online concept from FertAid directed towards the continuous professional development of all staff from IVF clinics, related laboratories and other interested parties.

Increasingly, staff attend fewer meetings and have less time and access to medical and scientific material. IVFCPD aims to provide an alternative resource to staff for their own knowledge and awareness to assist in helping the clinics clients. It is directed to nurses, scientists, counsellors and medical staff

IVFCPD has been designed to allow clinics to supplement their own ongoing education program for current staff with selected modules or as a tool for the training of new staff. The content will be cumulative, so users can use it as a reference resource and is available online internationally.


IVFCPD aims to deliver current published work, published texts and online information in a simple and enjoyable manner while at the same time provides tools for documenting the selected education modules for presentation to their professional accreditation bodies, auditing bodies, staff reviews and to their own professional record. Access to IVFCPD will be free.


IVFCPD has developed a variety of presentations including

  • Standard programmed learning modules
  • Commentaries and reviews of recent publications
  • Questions and Challenges
  • Crosswords and glossary
  • Product information
IVFCPD has elected to provide these tools at a modest annual cost of $AUD25 per susbcription during its developmetal phases. Clinics may subscribe for the number of staff in thier clinic but currently the maximium annual fee is pegged to $AUD500 for unlimited staff subscriptions.
The time spent completing each activity CPD credits can be complied and presented to accreditation bodies for consideration of their own CPD points or just for their own CV. They may be used as a preemployment test or proof of knowledge.  IVFCPD can complement existing  educational programmes

Currently it is funded by individual Fertaid (online EQA services) subscriptions but companies are invited to participate in supporting the education of IVF clinic staff. There are several ways supporters can encourage and assist staff to use IVCPD both at an international and national level.

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