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Key Points

Projects CPD Modules CPD Topics CPD References CPD KeyWords My CPD
Clinical Female
Clinical Male
ART Treatment
Patient Care
Nursing and Counselling
Quality/Clinic Management
Release Lists
Age/Ovarian Reserve
Algorithm/sAI/ Deep Learning
ART Children
Assisted Sperm Collection
Basic Andrology
Basic Embryology
Basic Repductive Sciences
Basic Training
Business News
Case Reports
Clinical Management/Workup
Clinical Products
Consumer Information
Cumulative Rates/Models/Success
DNA damage
Donation Recipients
Ectopic Pregnancy
Embryo Culture
Embryo Morphology
Embryo Secretome/Used Media
Embryo Selection for Transfer
Embryo Transfer
Fertility Preservation
Follicles & Oocytes
IVF News
IVF Treatment
Male Contraception
Male Health
Male Infertility
Mens Health
Minimal Stimulation
mitochondria & Cytoplasmic Transfer
Mothers and Babies
Natural Cycle/AIH
Normal Fertility
Oocyte Retrieval
Oocyte/embryo Donation
Patient Stories
Platelet-rich plasma
POR-Poor Ovarian Response
Post IVF Management
Quality Systems
Register Reports
Review Article
Same Sex ART
Semen Profile
Sperm Cryo
Sperm DNA
Sperm Preparation/Sorting
Sperm RNA
Spindle Transfer
Stem Cells
Time To Pregnancy
Cryopreservation/vitrification. Experts review
maternal-to-zygotic transition (MZT).
The IVF Laboratory: Reflections on the Past
Clinic Staff Challenge 2021.02
Evaluation Of IVF Laboratory Outcomes With KPIs
‘Quiet Embryo Hypothesis’
0PN Oocytes
A metabolomics evaluation of human embryos
A Close Look at Viruses and Their Relevance to ART
A guideline to planned oocyte cryopreservation
Absolute uterine factor infertility
Abstinence and Sperm DNA fragmentation
Acupuncture and embryo Transfer
Add-on treatment options and ART
Adjuvant Co-Therapy and ART
Adverse Perinatal Outcomes
AFC, AMH, ooytes and pregnancy
Age-associated sperm DNA methylation patterns
Agonists x Antagonist Stimulation
AI Driven Innovations in Automated Semen Analysis
Ai using optical light microscopy
Air Polllution and Fertility
Air Purification Technologies
Air quality in the clinical embryology laboratory
Air quality in the clinical embryology laboratory
Altruistic Donation of Surplus Embryos
Ambient air pollution, Folliculogenesis and IVF
AMH - Anti-Mullerian hormone
Amino Acids and the Early Mammalian Embryo
Androgen supplementation in infertile women
Andrology - Spermatogenesis
Andrology eduction
Angiogenesis and vascular function in the ovary
Antioxidants and Embryo Culture
Antioxidants and male infertility
Anti-sperm antibodies
Anxiety or depression during pregnancy
Apicobasal RNA asymmetries control blastomere fate
Are sperm parameters able to predict IVF success
ART failure
ART in endangered species conservation.
ART Surveillance — United States, 2018
ART: an overview of Cochrane Reviews.
Artificial blastocoel collapse and vitrification.
Artificial Intelligence and Ultrasound
Artificial intelligence in the IVF laboratory
Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and IVF
artificial oocyte activation (AOA)
Assisted sperm fusion insemination (ASFI).
Automated ICSI (ICSIA)
Automated Measurements of Key Morphological Featur
Basic Biology - Cell Biology
Basic Biology - Gametes-Spermatogenesis
Basic Embryology
Basic Endocrinology
Basic Reproductive Biology
Basic Semen Analysis - WHO
Basic Semen Analysis for Nurses
Basics of Ovarian Stimulation
Behind the Scenes in the IVF Lab
Biomechanics of Early Life in the Female Tract
Biophysical effects and embryo culture.
Birth Defects and Cancer Risk in Children
Birth Mix-Up [News]
Birthweight and embryo quality
Blastocyst Cytoplasmic Strings
Blastocyst formation and clients race.
Blastocyst morphology
Blastocyst morphology and perinatal Birthweight.
Blastocyt formation and Race and BMI
Blastomere cleavage plane orientation
BMI and donor oocyte recipients
BMI and embryo development
BMI and live Birth Rate
BMI, obesity and oocyte quality
BPA effects on male infertility
Cairo Consensus Guidelines on IVF Culture Conditio
Calcium Oscillatory Patterns and Oocyte Activation
Capacitation and acrosome reaction
Capacitation-The role of calcium in fertilisation
CAP-score Fetility Assessment
Catsper and Sperm Sorting
Cell volume regulation in oocytes and early embryo
cell-free DNA in pregnancy testing
Certification for clinical embryologists
Checklist for studies on human semen analysis
Chromosomal mosaicism and PGT-A
Cisgender/Transgender Pregnancy
Cleavage-stage human embryo arrest
Climate Change/Temperture and Male Health
Clinic Staff Challenge 2021.03
Clinical implications of sperm DNA damage in IVF
Clinical outcomes of uninterrupted embryo culture
Cochrane Library
Coenzyme Q10, follicles and Age
Collection of semen samples
Common practices among high-performing ART clinics
Computer software (SiD) single sperm selection
Concurrent reciprocal IVF
Conditions for Transport of Vitrified Specimens
Congenital Heart Defects in ART Pregnancies
Conjoined twins
Contraception after in vitro fertilisation
Contribution of MAR to overall births
Contribution of semen to early embryo development
Cooper Surgical Podcasts
Cooper Surgical Webinars
COVID-19 and cryopreservtion
COVID-19 and Fertility Treatment
COVID-19 and spermatozoa
Covid-19 effects on social changes to fertility
Covid-19 in Liquid Nitrogen
COVID-19 laboratory transition
COVID-19 Management
Covid-19, stress and menstrual cyclicity
CRISPR-Cas9 effectors and single-sex litters
Cryogenic storage risk and quality management.
Cryogenic storage risks
Cryogoverance webinars
Cryopreservation in Male Infertility Clients
Cryopreserved embryos - Day 5 x Day 6
Cryo-storage duration and ART outcomes
Cryptic sperm Selection
Culture Duration and fetal health
Culture Media
Culture Media, Solutions and ART Systems
Culutre media impact of embryo development
Cumulative Pregnancy Rate
Cumulative Pregnancy Rates after TESA
Cumulus cells impact on oocyte/embryo quality
Cycle Pathway
Cytokines during the blastocyst peri-implantation
Cytoplasmic granulation patterns in Mature oocyte
Cytoplasmic Halo
Cytoplasmic Halo and ART outcomes
Cytoplasmic strings between ICM and mTE
Cytoplasmic Transfer
Cytoplasmic transfer and embryology
Day 2 IGF-1 and poor responders
Day 7 Blastocysts
Day of Transfer and clinical outcomes
Day3 x Day 5 in Older Women
Defintions used in time-lapse examinations
Delayed Embryo Development
Demystifying mosaicism-Podcast
Demystifying PGT-A mosaicism - Webinar Cooper Surg
Developmental capacity of individual blastomeres
Diabetes and male health.
Diet and embryo development
Dietary supplementation
DIPE -incompetent embryos
Disorders Of Ejaculation
DNA damage in preimplantation embryos and gametes
DNA in blastocoel fluid
DNA methylation rates in IVF children
DNA repair & oocyte response to sperm DNA damage.
Donor “Anonymity” and Confidentiality.
Donor Eggs and disorders of pregnancy
Donor Eggs and stimulation
Donor Eggs, Maternal Morbidity and IVF
Donor Sperm and disorders of pregnancy
Donor Sperm and Donor oocytes
double donor surrogacy (DDS)
Dynamics of embryo development
Dynamics of follicular growth
Educational Podcasts
Effect of bariatric surgery on IVF for obese males
Effect of LH suppression in Antagonist IVF cycles
Effect of light on IVF
Effect of multiple stimulation cycles
Effect of OPU temperature on FETclinical outcomes
Effect of Oxygen Tension and IVF
Effect of race on Reproductive Outcomes
Effect of rhCG dose on rFSH in GnH cycles
Effect of seasons on IVF outcomes
Effect of temperature on IVF
Effects of different frozen embryo transfer regime
Effects of Diluent pH on separation of X/Y Sperm
Effects of embryo retention at transfer
Effects of sleep duration on IVF outcomes
Egg maturity assessment prior to ICSI
Elective oocyte cryopreservation
Elevated e2 and Endometrial Development
Elevated Progesterone Levels on the Day of hCG
Embryo attrition in planned PGT-A
Embryo Derieved Hyaluronate/HYLA2 and implantation
embryo freezing transfer interval.
Embryo location at transfer
Embryo Metabolism
Embryo morphology and ectopic pregnancy
Embryo research
Embryo secretome
embryo selection and AI applications in the ART
Embryo Stress
Embryo viability after vitrification
Embryology as a career.
Embryology for Nurses
Embryos and stem cells from the white rhinoceros
Endocrine control of Follicular Development
Endocrine disruptor chemicals ( inc BPA) and IVF
Endometrial angiogenic microspheres
Endometrial cavity fluid and IVF outcome
Endometrial compaction
Endometrial epithelial receptivity/Podocalyxin
Endometrial Length
Endometrial Scratching
Endometrial Testing prior to transfer
Endometrial thickness and FET
Endometrial thickness and miscarriage/ectopic preg
Endometrioma/Ovarian Endometriosis
Endometriosis and IVF Outcomes
Endomterial thickness -Natural Cycle.
Environmental Toxocity On Oocytes & Embryos
Epididymal Sperm and IVF outcomes
Epigenetic remodeling of chromatin - Culture Media
ESCO Medical Laboratory Equipment News.
ESHRE certification of ART centres
ESHRE Guideline Group On Good Practice In IVF Labs
ESHRE Report 2016
Essential equipment, supplies and culture media.
Estimation of preimplantation loss.
Euploidy rates
Euploidy rates and Ovarian Stimulation
Evidence based best practices in embryo transfer
Extended conselling
Extracellular Vesicles and the Oviduct Function
Extracellular vesicles, sncRNAs and miRNA and IVF
Factors Impacting IVF Culture Media Performance
Falling sperm counts
Fallopian tube endocrinology
Fast and slow embryo growth
Fats and male fertility
Felix Sperm Preparation of ART
Fertilis - ICSI Dish
Fertility preservation for cancer patients Podcast
Fertility-sparing surgery & ovarian tumors
FET and large for gestational age (LGA) births
FET cycle managent.
Fetal abnormalities and PGT-A
Fetal anomalies or intrauterine growth restriction
First trimester Assessment and ICF/ICSI
First trimester serum marker and Embryo Morphology
Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM)
Follicle Flushing - Journal Club
Follicle Oxidative Stress
Follicle size and homogeneity
Follicle size by 2D and 3D ultrasound
Follicular Fluid and IVF Outcomes
Forged IVF Signature
Fostering Women’s Psychophysical Health
Freeze All Strategy
Freeze-all strategy
Freeze-all Strategy
Fresh and frozen sperm and IVF outcomes
Fresh or Frozen sperm for TESA
Fresh x Cryopreserved Transfers
Frozen eggs: national autologous oocyte thaw outco
FSA Code of Practice
FSA- RTAC Code of Practice
FSH x FSH+LH for repeat ICSI cycles
FSH: Does Potency Predict Clinical Efficacy?
Functional Oocytes Derived from Granulosa Cells
Gamete activation: basic and clinical knowledge
Gender and hCG concentrations
Gender and placental histopathology
Gender Selection
Gene-edited babies
'Genes versus children': if the goal is parenthood
Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) and blastocyts
Globozoospermia, oocyte activation and ICSI
Glossary on Infertility and Fertility Care
Glycine transporter and hypertonic media
GM-CSF in embryo culture and clinical outcomes
GnRH Dual Trigger with hCG supplementation
GnRH-antagonist and GnRH-agonist protocols
Good practice in ultrasound: oocyte pick up
Green IVF
Growth Factors and Embryo development
Growth Hormone supplementation
Guidelines for elective oocyte cryopreservation
Guidelines for Ovarian Stimulation
Guidelines for the Evaluation Leukocytospermia
HABSelect trial for Sperm Selection
Healthy Male Information.
Heath of ART children
Heterotopic pregnancy
High gonadotropin dosage and pregnancy
High physical activity and ovarian reserve
Histones and human 1PN zygote phenotype
How long can the sperm wait?
Human blastocyst spontaneous collapse
Human embryo implantation
Human embryonic genome activation
Hyaluronate-containing embryo transfer medium
Hyperspectral autofluorescence microscopy and PGD
Hypnofertility-Based Nursing Care and IVF
ICMART International Reports
ICSI and Aneuploidy.
ICSI and non-male factor infertility
ICSI Children
ICSI x IVF and Aneuploidy
ICSI x IVF for poor responders.
Identification Of Immature Spermatozoa
Identifying biomarkers for predicting successful e
II3 Webinar - Timimg issues in IVF.
Impact of Albumin/Lipids on embryo development
Impact of cancer on cryopreserved sperm quality.
Impact of duration of vitrified embryo storage
Impact of flushing media on IVF/ICSI
Impact of Paternal Age on Sperm DNA Damage
Impact of trophoectoderm biopsy
Impact of undiagnosed endometriosis
Improving ART outcomes via new technology
Improving ICI from the spermatozoon perspective.
In Vitro Culture of spermatogonial stem cells
In Vitro Fertilization Elder and Dale
In Vivo Culture System Using the INVOcell Device
Infection morbidity in IVF children
Influence of intercourse on the menstrual cycle
Influence of sex in FET fetal development
Informed consent.
Informing offspring of their conception
In-Hospital Complications in Pregnancies Conceived
Integrity of randomized clinical trials
Interval between treatments
Interventions to optimize embryo transfer
IUI- a better alternative than IVF
IVF Staff Challenge 2021.01
IVF x ICSI Comparison
IVF x ICSI for Non-Male Factor Patients
IVF x ICSI School Performance
IVFxICSIxMale Infertility
IVM and embryo aneuploidy
Journal Club - FLIM and euploidy status
Journal Club Insights into in vitro oocyte ageing
Keeping gametes/embryos from environmental harm
Key Performance Indicators
Key Performance Indicators
Kisspeptin and IVF
KPI And Trouble Shooting IVF Laboratory Systems
Laboratory factors and embryo aneupolidy
Laboratory Planning, Maintenance and Engineering.
Lactate and Implantation
Lagging chromosome and age-related aneuploidy
Laser hatching of thawed blastocysts
Laser-assisted ICSI
Late follicular phase and elevated progesterone
Legally Speaking 2020": An Update on ART Law
Lessons from anthropology and sociology
Letrozole co-treatment with ovarian stimulation.
Liability for embryo mix-ups
LIF in embryo culture
Life Whisperer
LifeStyle And Semen Profiles
Lifestyle intervention on CPR for obese women
Linking stress and infertility
Liquid biopsy
Liquid Nitrogen Handling, Safety and Risks
Low grade blastocyst management
Low progesterone at ET
Luteal-phase support in assisted reproductive tech
Magnetic-activated cell sorting of nonapoptotic sp
Making the blastocyst: lessons from the mouse
Male Childhood cancer survivors an fertility
Male Childhood cancer survivors and fertility
Male Factor Infertility and Birth Characteristics
Male factor infertility and placental pathology
Male Infertility: A Clinical Guide
Male Reproductive Health Initiative
Management of Morphologically poor embryos
Management of Mosaic Embryos
Managing Quality in the ART Laboratory
MAR and viral infections
Marginal gains
Maternal Age and gene expression in euploid oocyte
Maternal exposure to lead on secondary sex ratio
Maternal hCG and Embryo Morphology
Maternal hCG and fetal gender
Maternal physical activity on IVF Outomes.
Maximium oestradiol and neonatal birthweight
Mechanisms leading to aneuploidy in human eggs
Mechanisms of human embryo development
Medications used in IVF
Menstrual changes after covid-19 vaccination
Mental Helth of ART children
Metabolic activity,morphokinetics and embryo grade
Microbial contamination of culture media
Microbiome and COS
Microdissection testicular sperm extraction-mTESE
Microfluidic preparation and IVF outcomes
Microfluidic sperm recovery
Microfluidics and vitrification
microRNA in follicluar fluid and IVF outcomes
MIcroRNA in spent culture media
MicroRNA, Extracellular vesicles and IVF
MicroRNAs and Sperm Function
MicroRNAs in human embryo implantation
Mineral oil in IVF culture systems
MiOXSYS-Seminal oxidation-reduction potential
MiR-191-5p is upregulated in culture media
miRNA, culture media and implantation.
Miscarriage and Subsequent IVF Treatment
Mitochondria and IVF Outcome
Mitochondrial DNA and ART outcome
Mitochondrial replacement therapy
Mitochonrdial DNA
Mobile applications and ART
Monozygotic twinning (MZT)
Morphokinetic analysis and endometroisis
Morphokinetic parameters in single and sequential
Morphokinetic timing of mosaic embryos
Morphology, IR and Eupolid Blastocysts
Morula and morphogenesis
MOSI- modified ovarian sensitivity index
Movement of the air bubble at transfer and outcomn
MSOME-IMSI -morphologically-selected sperm ICSI
Mysteries & unsolved problems of mammalian fertili
NAD and Ovarian Aging
NAD,and ATP in Mature Oocytes
National Survey on Embryo Transfer (UK)
Natural Conceptions after ART
Natural Pregnancy and COS.
Natural x IVF pregnancies
Neonatal Outcomes and Time-lapse systems
New technology in embyo culture.
niPGT-A - non-invasive preimplantation genetic tes
niPGT-A: Non-invasive preimplantation genetic test
No embryo transfer
No return after Oocyte Preservation.
Non-invasive assessment of human embryo competency
Non-invasive oocyte selection with qRT-PCR
Nonpronuclear and monopronuclear zygotes
Occupational health
On the shoulders of giants.
One egg, One embryo, One Pregnancy
Oocyte aging and IVF
Oocyte cryopreservation
Oocyte development in PCOS and non-PCOS patients.
Oocyte Donation
Oocyte Maturation
Oocyte maturation post hCG pre ICSI
Oocyte Quality and IVF outcomes
Oocyte Spontaneous Activation
Oocytes with smooth endoplasmic reticulum
Optimizing the culture environment in the IVF lab
Optimizing your embryo culture system
Osmotic changes
Outcome of children conceived through egg donation
Ovarian sensitivity index
Ovarian Stimulation - poor responders
Ovarian Stimulation PCOS
Ovulation Induction
Ovulation induction with dual triggers
Ovulation induction with rLH or hCG
Oxidative damage/protein carbonyl concentrations
Paternal Age
Paternal age and aneuploidy
Paternal BMI and fertilisation /embryo
Paternal RNA and embryo development
Patient Education.
PBMC-therapy for RIF
Pentoxifylline during ovarian stimulation
Perifollicular blood flow and IVF
Pesticides, Diet and Semen Quality
PGDIS on the transfer of mosaic embryos 2021
PGT and sex ratio
PGT, recent advances in reproductive medicines.
PGT-A & Obstetric/neonatal outcomes of pregnancies
PGT-A , euploid embryos and maternal age/history
PGT-A and Cumulative Pregnancy Rate
PGT-A and extended culture
PGT-A and Quality Management
PGT-A and sex selection
PGT-A Cochrane Review
PGT-A demographics
PGT-A impacts on obstetric and neonatal outcomes
PGT-A The Basics
PGT-A verses No PGT-A
PGT-A, mosaicism and cycle characteristics
Physical activity and sperm quality
Piezo-ICSI for Human Oocytes
Planning for multiple cycles.
Platelet-Rich Autologous Plasma (PRP)
PLCz - phospholipase C zeta and IVF
Polygenic Embryo Screening
Poor response with good ovarian reserve
Post transfer experiences
Post-Gastrulation Synthetic Embryos Ex Utero
Posthumous assisted reproduction
Postpartum parenting behavior and IVF
Practical pH In the IVF Lab
Predicitve pregnancy initial hCG test
Prediction of Cumulative Pregnancy Rate
Prediction of Euploidy Embryos
Predictive value of oocyte cytoplasmic granulation
Preeclampsia and donor oocyte pregnancies
Pre-eclampsia with frozen embryo transfers
Preincubation of sperm prior to IVF
Prematurely ruptured and Empty follicle syndrome
Preterm birth and ART
Pretransfer Endometrial Compaction
Pre-Treatment Management
Primary Testicular Failure
Primipaternities and human birthweights
Principles of cryopreservation and vitrification.
Pronuclear formation and euploidy
Pronuclear Z score classification
Protocols for tracking and witnessing samples
PRP and Repeated implantation failure (RIF
PRP andRIF -Journal Club
Psychological stress and diminished ovarian reserv
Puberty disorders among ART-conceived singletons
PVP Concentrations and ICSI outcomes
Quadruplets at the age of 65 years
RAC1 and sperm motility
Reimagining disability
Reproducibility of trophectoderm biopsies
Reproductive decision-making,
Reproductive function in men conceived with ICSI
Reproductive Outcomes in older women
Rescue ICSI
Resilience, Perceived Stress, and Depressed Mood
Response to Stimulation and Adult Morbidity
Return to fertility after contraception
rFSH versus hMG
Risk Factors for ectopic Pregnancy
Risk of breast cancer and ovarian stimulation.
Risk Of Mental Illness After Unsuccessful Fertilit
Role of telomeres in human reproduction and ART
Ruptured Follicles and oocyte recovery.
Second or subsequent ART pregnacies
Secrets of implantation.
Segmental Aneuploidies in Human Embryos
Semen parameter thresholds and time-to-conception
Semen preparations and viral infections.
Semen production and medical comorbidity
Seminal Round Cells
Sequential and Continuous culture medium
Sequential cleavage and blastocyst embryo transfer
Short abstinence period
Short Fertilisation Period-Early Cumulus removal.
Single human sperm cryopreservation for ICSI
Single oocyte case reports.
Single Sperm Cryopreservation
Single women vs. women in lesbian couples
Sleep, Alcohol and Caffeine on ART Outcomes
Sleep, psychological distress, and cycle outcomes
Smooth endoplasmic reticulum [SER]
Social egg freezing and donation
Social newspaper articles
Social sperm freezing
Sperm basal body centrosome
Sperm count and diet induced weigth loss
Sperm Cryopreservation
Sperm DNA and aneuplidy in RIF patients
Sperm DNA Damage and cumulative pregnancy rates
sperm DNA fragmentation and BMI/oocyte Quality
Sperm DNA Fragmentation and Embryo Quality
Sperm DNA Fragmentation and Paternal Age
Sperm DNA Fragmentation and Pregnancy
Sperm DNA Fragmentation and Semen Profile
Sperm DNA Fragmentations Guidelines
Sperm DNA Methodology
Sperm donor-conceived individuals
Sperm epigenetic clock and Time to Pregnancy
Sperm Head Vacuoles, Protamine mRNA Ratio and ICSI
Sperm Metabolism
Sperm microRNAs and offspring depression
Sperm miRNA and cryopreservation.
Sperm Morphology WHO6th Competency
Sperm Motility - the basics
Sperm Motility Analysis
Sperm Motility-the mathematics of motility
Sperm Nuclear heterogeneity and IVF
Sperm parameters and IVF outcome
Sperm preparation and sperm functional parameters
sperm proteomic profiles adnd pregnancy
Sperm RNA
Sperm Selection
Sperm Selection and DNA damage
Sperm Selection and IVF
Sperm Selection by Cumulas Cells and ICSI
Sperm Selection for ICSI
Sperm Selection using Toll-Like receptors
Sperm sharing: as problematic as oocyte sharing?
Sperm Vitality and Necrozoospermia
Sperm Vitality Assessment.
Sperm-binding monoclonal IgG antibodies
Sperm-egg interaction and fertilisation
Spinal Cord Injuries and ICSI
Spindle pole organization and instability in human
Spontaneous blastocyst collapse
SSR - sex ratio and embryo morphokinetic data
SSR Secondary sex ratio and IVF and ICSI
SSR- secondary sex ratio and OHSS
Standard morphology and morphokinetic development
Stimulation and Euploidy rates.
Stress in infertile populations.
Stress Management and IVF
Subarachnoid haemorrhage an oocyte donation
Subsequent pregnancy outcome after miscarriage
Sun exposure and risk of endometriosis
Surgical sperm retrieval
Surrogacy UK: implications for policy & practice.
technical aspects of embryo transfer
Techniques of embryo transfer
Telomere length and Oocyte Aging
Temperament Profiles and IVF children
Temporal trends in sperm count:
Temporary ejaculation failure.
Testicular Sperm and IVF outcomes
The ethics of embryo donation
The FIGO Ovulatory Disorders Classification System
The future IVF Laboratory and Embryologist
The health of children conceived by ART:
The human first cell cycle: impact on implantation
The impact of general anesthesia on IVF
The impact of zinc and folic acid supplementation
The inadequate corpus luteum
The International IVF Initiative - i3
The international transportation of frozen embryos
The Invisble Male
The IVF Laboratory - media
The IVF Worldwide Webinar Series
The Luteal Phase in ART
The Maribor consensus on clinical KPIs
The Morula
The natural cycle and IVF
The Neandertal Progesterone Receptor
The optimal time for assessing fertilisation
The POSEIDON Criteria
The role of the Y chromosome in infertility
The role of the Corpus Luteum
The Role of the Epididymis and Epididymosomes
The Sixth Vital Sign: What Our Sperm Are Trying To
The transfer of euploid embryos
The trophectoderm
The Zona Pellucida
Time interval from the end of sperm processing
Time Lapse versus Standard morphology
Time of denuding and ICSI Injections
Time-lapse algorithm for blastocyst selection.
Time-Lapse and blastocysts
Time-Lapse and Early cleavage
Time-lapse and embryo secretome
Time-Lapse and male infertility
Time-Lapse and maternal age
Time-lapse and maternal BMI
Time-Lapse and paternal BMI
Time-Lapse Incubator (TLI)
Time-lapse x Benchtop incubators
Top quality and lesser quality embryos
Training Sperm Morphology
Transabdominal ultrasound guided oocyte retrieval
Trends in Use of ICSI
Trophectoderm RNA Analysis
Ultra-low oxygen tension and embryo culture.
Understanding follicle growth in vivo
Unexplained infertility
Unicornuate uterus and IVF
Unilateral Oophorectomy
universal warming procedure-Podcast
Urinary microbiome in pregnancy
Urinary Phthalates
Uterine activity
Uterine artery pulsatility index and pregnancy
Uterine fluid microRNAs in women with RIF
Uterine histopathology and IVF outcomes
Uterine Lavage and embryo Recovery
Uterine microbiota
Uterine Peristalsis
Uterine peristalsis and IVF
Uterine Transplant
Vaginal Injection of rFSH
Vaginal microbiome
Varying GnRH-a Protocols and IVF
Vitamin D and IVF outcome
Vitrification - Media and Process
Vitrification and Antioxidants.
Vitrification and Placental Function [in mice]
Vitrification Survival Rate
Volatile organic carbons (VOC)
Wastage of gonadotropins during IVF cycles
Web Site reporting of procedures.
Weight loss before fertility treatment
What genomics dreams may come.
What to expect from oocyte vitrification
When ICSI killed Andrology - The Invisible Male
WHO Semen Analysis 6th Edition
WHO Semen Analysis 6th Edition-Quick Quiz
Whole genome sequencing (WGS)
X chromosome Activation during oocyte development
Your Infertility Nurse: Partner in Your Care
Your IVF Success website
Zona Pellucida-Bound Spermatozoa
Zona Pellucida-Free Embryos
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