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Repackaging academic publications for IVF clinic staff.

List of Continuous Professional Development Modules
IVFCPD Units requires the purchase of Credit before you can enrol. Your currently have CPD Credits=
  Modules Year Availability Access Status Subscription Credits Required
WHO5-Sample Collection 2012 True
WHO5-Inital assessment 2013 True
ANZARD 2010 Update/Summary 2011 True
SEMEN ANALYSIS for Nurses 2011 True
ESHRE 2011 Summary 2011 True
New Guidelines for Embryo Assessment [ALPHA/ESHRE] 2012 True
Embryology for Nurses 2012 True
Birth Defects and ART 2012 True
ART Failure 2012 True
IVF Media Management 2012 True
Primary Testicular Failure 2012 True
Disorders of Ejaculation 2012 True
Osmolality 2012 True
WHO5-Antisperm Antibodies 2013 True
MAKLER Chamber 2013 True
IVF and Childhood Cancer 2013 True
Assisted Hatching 2013 True
Mitochondria and IVF 2014 False
Sperm Injection by IMSI 2014 True
Cochrane Review 2014 True
ANZARD 2011 2014 False
FSH Preparations 2014 False
IVF Laboratory History 2014 True
Sample Identification 2014 True
Culture Media Interactions 2015 True
ACE consensus meeting report: Culture systems 2015 True
ISO-Accreditation-Staffing 2015 True
Understanding Sperm Morphology Part 1. 2015 True
Understanding Sperm Morphology Part 2. 2015 True
Female Reproductive Endocrinology 2015 True
Ovarian Stimulation for IVF 2015 False
A to Z of Male Infertility-Topic A 2015 True
Pesticides and IVF 2018 True
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