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Recent IVFCPD Modules
  ID Type   Open Enrolled Minutes
Commentaries Time-lapse technology for embryo culture and selection True 0
Training Difference between IVF and ICSI True 0
Training Blastocyst cytoplasmic strings True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2020.06 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2020.05 True 0
Training Embryo quality and Birthweight True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2020.04 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2020.03 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2020.02 True 0
Commentaries Are in ivo human embryos better than in vitro embryos? True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2020.01 True 0
Training In vivo human embryology True 0
Training The effect of a short period of dietary supplementation alters the rate of embryo cleavage True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.37 True 0
Training IVF offspring infectious morbidity risk True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.36 True 0
Training Bisphenol A and its threat to male fertility True 0
Training SGA and infertility True 0
Training The Poseidon Criteria of Low Prognosis Patients Undergoing ART True 0
Training Stimulation of clients with PCOS True 0
Commentaries Does MACS post processing improve the quality of a sperm preparation? True 0
Training Combining MACS with density gradient or swim-up improve sperm select True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.35 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.34 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.33 True 0
Commentaries Does exposure to zero gravity effect male reproducitve processes? True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.32 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.31 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.30 True 0
Training What happens when there is only a single embryo for transfer True 0
Commentaries If there is only 1 embryo, is it better to transfer on day 3 or day 5? True 0
Commentaries The Concept of Growth Hormone Deficiency Affecting Clinical Prognosis in IVF True 0
Commentaries Can the size of an ampliconic gene influence sex ratio (in mice)? True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.29 True 0
Training Aneuploidy rates in natural and stimulated cycles. True 0
Commentaries Are aneuploidy rates in natural and stimulated cycles different? True 0
Training Ethical Dilemma -using PGT to find deaf embryos True 0
Commentaries Can Deep Learning AI replace embryologists embryo selection? True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.26 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.25 True 0
Commentaries Human Blastocyst Biopsy and Vitrification.[Abstract] True 0
Commentaries Can separating X and Y bearing spermatozoa be this easy? True 0
Commentaries Can the sex of individual spermatozoa be determined by their motility ? True 0
Commentaries Are all IVF culture media the same? True 0
Training False 0
Commentaries Can the sensitivity of the Mouse embryo Assay (MEA) be improved to detect low dose mineral oil toxic True 0
Commentaries Does 4% normal sperm morphology have any predictive value in IVF True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.24 True 0
Commentaries Sources of Trauma - Salt or energy concentrations. True 0
Commentaries IVF Clinics are more than the laboratory. True 0
Commentaries Defining Expectations. True 0
Commentaries Complexity of IVF Systems. True 0
Commentaries Does the Oestradiol concentration during the COH cycle effect the birthweight of children born after True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.23 True 0
Training Sperm Morphology 005 True 0
Training Sperm Morphology 004 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.22 True 0
Training Sperm Morphology 003 True 0
Training Sperm morphology 002 True 0
Training Sperm Morphology 001 True 0
Training Trophectoderm RNA analysis True 0
Commentaries Can trophectoderm RNA analysis predict human blastocyst competency? True 0
Commentaries Can non-invasive testing of culture media provide an alternative to biopsy True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.21 True 0
Training Blastomere Cleavage Plane Orientation True 0
Commentaries Does the spatial arrangement of the 4-cell human embryo influence its prognosis? True 0
Training IVF and ICSI for first cycle normospermic couples. True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.19 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.18 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.17 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.16 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.15 True 0
Training Interpregnancy Interval True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.14 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.13 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.12 True 0
IVFChallenge Challenge February 2018 True 0
IVFChallenge Challenge Jan 2018 True 0
IVFChallenge Challenge Jan 2015 True 0
IVFChallenge Challenge Dec 2014 True 0
IVFChallenge Challenge Employment #1 True 0
Training The effect of normal and red light on mouse embryo development and implantation True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.11 True 0
Commentaries Does ICSI in first cycle normospermic couples have a lower chance of pregnancy. True 0
Commentaries Does Sperm Selection really matter? True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.10 True 0
Commentaries Does semen quality change with age? True 0
Commentaries Sperm separation methods in the 21st century True 0
Commentaries Preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT A) True 0
IVFChallenge April 2018 True 0
Training Monozygotic multiple pregnancies True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2019.09 True 0
Commentaries The role of progesterone elevation in IVF True 0
Training Marijuana smoking and semen profile True 0
Commentaries Preimplantation embryos sex ratios in couples with four or more children of same sex, True 0
Commentaries IVFDaily 2019.08 True 0
Commentaries IVFDaily 2019.07 True 0
Commentaries Reducing time to pregnancy and facilitating the birth of healthy children through functional analysi True 0
Commentaries Does PGT-A improve the pregnancy rate after the transfer of frozen blastocysts. True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 20189.05 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 20189.04 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 20189.03 True 0
Training Testosterone Treatment for POR True 0
Commentaries Does the use of a Sperm Microchip tool for ICSI improve embryo quality and pregnancy rates? True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 20189.01 True 0
Commentaries Should IVF be used as a tool to manage population growth? True 0
Training Usable number of blastocysts a good KPI True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.51 True 0
Training Paternal smoking habits and semen profile True 0
Commentaries Is the sperm count lower in young men if their father smokes? True 0
Training Pregnancy Outcomes for FET cycles True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.49 True 0
Commentaries Can time-lapse morphokinetics identify male and female embryos True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.48 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.47 True 0
Training The impact of periconceptional maternal lifestyle on biomarkers of placental develeopment. True 0
Reviews Ovarian stimulation and the risk of aneuploid conceptions True 0
Reviews Emotional distress in infertile women and failure of assisted reproductive technologies True 0
Reviews Maternal death related to IVF True 0
Reviews Monzygotic twinning and Blastocyst culture True 0
Reviews Toward understanding obstetrical outcome in advanced assisted reproduction. True 0
Reviews Timing oocyte collection in GnRH agonists down-regulated IVF and ICSI cycles. True 0
Reviews Predictive factors of healthy term birth after single blastocyst transfer True 0
Reviews Progesterone rise on HCG day in GnRH antagonist/rFSH stimulated cycles affects endometrial gene expr True 0
Reviews Comparison outcome of fresh and vitrified donor oocytes in an egg-sharing donation program. True 0
Reviews Vitamin D is positively associated with sperm motility True 0
Reviews Trisomic pregnancy and elevated FSH: implications for the oocyte pool hypothesis True 0
Reviews The transcriptome of spermatozoa used in homologous intrauterine insemination varies considerably. True 0
Reviews Clinical outcome of intracytoplasmic injection of spermatozoa morphologically normal under IMSI True 0
Reviews ESHRE consensus on the definition of poor response to ovarian stimulation for IVF True 0
Reviews Genetics of pregnancy loss True 0
Reviews Single Embryo Transfer after Chromosome Screening improves ongoing pregnancy rate. True 0
Reviews Birth Defects and IVF and ICSI True 0
Reviews Rescue ICSI True 0
Reviews Embryo Identification by near-infrared spectroscopy. True 0
Reviews Male Activity and Semen Profile True 0
Reviews CANCER-incidence of childhood cancers to couples with infertility. True 0
Reviews A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials with Assisted hatching. True 0
Reviews Cochrane Review on Assisted Hatching 2013. True 0
Reviews Sperm attachment and penetration competence in the human oocyte True 0
Reviews DHEA - A review True 0
Reviews Relationship between fruit and food intake, pesticide residue and semen quality True 0
Commentaries Link Between Fruit And Food Intake, Pesticide Residue And IVF Treatment True 0
Reviews Effect pf low pesticide exposure on semen quality of fertile healthy young males. True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.46 True 0
Training Spermatogenic Failure. True 0
Commentaries Does Semen quality from men with spermatogenic failure continue to decrease? True 0
Training Client Decision making on the use of PGT-A True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.45 True 0
IVFChallenge March 2018 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.44 True 0
Training Sperm Cryopreservation from men with non-obstructive azoospermia True 0
Commentaries Can you cryostore very low numbers of sperm for ICSI? True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.43 True 0
Training Endometrial thickness and pregnancy rates True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.42 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.41 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.40 True 0
Training The impact of endometriosis lesions on ovarian reserve True 0
Commentaries Does endometriosis lesions effect ovarian response to stimulation and pregnancy? True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.39 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.38 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.37 True 0
Training Polar body biopsy and PGT-A True 0
Commentaries Does polar body biopsy for chromosomal abnormalities improve the pregnancy rate True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.36 True 0
Training Chapter 8. Volatile organic carbons (VOC) True 0
Training Chapter 8. Volatile organic carbons (VOC) True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.35 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.34 True 0
Training Air Handling and VOC Control True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.33 True 0
CPD Pesticides and IVF True 0
Commentaries Can a defacto partner gain legal instruction for a clinic to collect sperm from a deceased male True 0
Training Infertility treatments during pregnancy and the risk of autism spectrum disorder in the offspring True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.27 True 0
Commentaries Is there a link between IVF treatment and autism in the offspring True 0
Training Types of underwear and semen profile True 0
Commentaries Does the type of underwear effect your sperm count? True 0
Training Effects of POP in follicular fluid on IVF [Egypt] True 0
Training IVFDaily 2018.32 True 0
Training Effects of POP in follicular fluid on IVF True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.32 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.31 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.30 True 0
Training Obstetric and perinatal outcomes of pregnancies conceived with embryos cultured in a time-lapse moni True 0
Training IVFDaily 2018.29 True 0
Commentaries Can microfluidic sorting isolate a sperm population for ICSI with no DNA fragmentation? True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.29 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.28 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.01 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.02 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.03 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.04 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.05 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.06 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018..07 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.08 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.09 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.10 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.11 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.12 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.13 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.14 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.15 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.16 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.17 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.18 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.19 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.20 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.21 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.22 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.23 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.24 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.25 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.26 True 0
MailOut IVFDaily 2018.27 True 0
Training Chromosomes and DNA - the basics -2 True 0
Training Chromosomes and DNA - the basics -1 True 0
Training Clients, Lifestyle and Personnal Issues True 0
Training Follicles, eggs and embryos True 0
Training IVF Treatments True 0
Training The development of human IVF. True 0
Training Key Stages in the History of Human IVF Culture Media True 0
Training Optimization of culture systems True 0
Training AMH and follicle recruitment. True 0
Training Andrology True 0
Training SIRT/Monash Masters of Clinical Embryology/Fertaid IVF Lab Quiz [Part B] True 0
Training SIRT/Monash Masters of Clinical Embryology/Fertaid IVF Lab Quiz [Part A] True 0
Training Semen Analysis for Nurses True 0
Training WHO Manual_Immature Sperm Panel A True 0
Training Chapter 2 - Female Gametogenesis True 0
Training New Guidelines for Embryo Assessment [ALPHA/ESHRE] True 0
Training Chapter 1 - Male Gametogenesis True 0
Training WHO5-Hypo Osmotic Swelling Test True 0
Training PDG/PGS True 0
Training IVF/ICSI True 0
Training March 2105. True 0
Training 2015/4 Use of Ionophores- van Blerkom RBMonline True 0
Training Chapter 3 - Ovarian Stimulation True 0
Training Chapter 4 - Culture Medium True 0
Training Chapter 5 Culture Systems and Environments. True 0
Training Chapter 7- Semen analysis True 0
Training WHO Manual_Immature Sperm Panel B True 0
Training WHO Manual_Immature Sperm Panel C True 0
Training Embryology for Nurses True 0
Training June 2014 Embryology True 0
Training CryoSafety - Anoxia True 0
Training CryoSafety - Prevention True 0
Training July, 2014 Embryology True 0
Training Global Media Queries True 0
Training Menstrual events -the basics True 0
Training May 2014 Embryology True 0
Training The Johnson Score True 0
Training Testicular failure True 0
Training The Basics - GnRH True 0
Training The Normal Endocrine Range-Females True 0
Training AMH True 0
Training COH-Protocol for Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation True 0
Training COH-/Clomiphene True 0
Training COH- AboutGnRH True 0
Training Culture Media- Oil True 0
Training Culture Media- Oil Preparation True 0
Training Culture Media - Composition -EDTA True 0
Training Embryo Culture- Concepts of Human Embryo Metabolism True 0
Training Embryo Culture- Concepts of Changing Environments True 0
Training Embryo Culture- The Natural Environment True 0
Training Embryo Culture- The Atmosphere - Oxygen True 0
Training Embryo Culture- The Atmosphere - Low Oxygen True 0
Training Embryo Culture - Contamination True 0
Training Spermatogenesis True 0
Training Spermiation True 0
Training Effect of Light on IVF Culture True 0
Training Culture Media _Macromolecules - the early years True 0
Training Poor Responder True 0
Training CELL STRUCTURE True 0
Training Using Westgard Rules True 0
Training August, 2014 Embryology True 0
Training MEIOSIS & MITOSIS True 0
Training GENERAL True 0
Training Levey-Jennings Charts True 0
Training Using a Levey-Jennings Chart to Evaluate Performance True 0
Training Polar Body Biopsy True 0
Training Obstructive/Non-obstructive Azoospermia True 0
Training Aetiology of Obstructive Azoospermia True 0
Training Diagnosis of Azoospermia True 0
Training Diagnosis of Obstructive Azoospermia True 0
Training ATPase activity in the human embryo. True 0
Training Properties of the oocyte factor True 0
Training Patient Preparation True 0
Training Risk of mental illness after unsuccessful fertility treatment True 0
Training September 2014 Embryology True 0
Training October 2014 Embryology True 0
Training Chapter 2 - Media and Embryo Interactions. True 0
Training Cumulative Pregnancy Rates True 0
Training Chapter 2 - Energy Substrates True 0
Training RTCA-Overall Summary True 0
Training Critical Criteria True 0
Training Compliance True 0
Training Key Personnel - Nursing and Counselling True 0
Training Key Personnel - Medical and Scientific True 0
Training Complaints Process True 0
Training Adverse Events True 0
Training Identification and Traceability True 0
Training Medication Management True 0
Training Multiple Pregnancy True 0
Training Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome and Emergency Care True 0
Training December 2014 True 0
CPD who-Technical assessment - WHO 2011 True 0
CPD SIRT Textbook 2012 True 0
CPD SIRT Textbook 2011 True 0
CPD SIRT Textbook 2010 True 0
CPD REV2014 True 0
CPD 2012 Reviews True 0
CPD 2011 Reviews True 0
CPD 2010 Reviews True 0
CPD 2012 Journal Club True 0
CPD Human Reproduction Updates True 0
CPD Education Modules for 2011 True 0
CPD Education modules for 2010- development modules True 0
CPD Ovarian Stimulation for IVF True 0
CPD Understanding Sperm Morphology Part 2. True 0
CPD ISO-Accreditation-Staffing True 0
CPD ACE consensus meeting report: Culture systems True 0
CPD Mitochondria and IVF True 0
CPD FSH Preparations True 0
CPD Sperm Injection by IMSI True 0
CPD Cochrane Review True 0
CPD WHO5-Concentration,Vitality, HOS True 0
CPD WHO5-Antisperm Antibodies True 0
CPD IVF and Childhood Cancer True 0
CPD Osmolality True 0
CPD Birth Defects and ART True 0
CPD ESHRE 2011 Summary True 0
CPD ANZARD 2010 Update/Summary True 0
Crossword CW2015.07 True 0
Crossword CW2011.11 True 0
Crossword CW2011.10 True 0
Crossword CW2011.09 True 0
Crossword CW2011.08 True 0
Crossword CW2011.07 True 0
Crossword CW2011.06 True 0
Crossword CW2011.05 True 0
Crossword CW2011.04 True 0
Crossword CW2011.03 True 0
Crossword CW2011.02 True 0
Crossword CW2011.01 True 0
Crossword CW2010.12 True 0
Crossword CW2010.11 True 0
Crossword CW2010.10 True 0
Crossword CW2010.09 True 0
Crossword CW2010.08 True 0
Crossword CW2010.07 True 0
Crossword CW2010.06 True 0
Crossword CW2010.05 True 0
Crossword CW2010.04 True 0
Crossword CW2010.03 True 0
Crossword CW2010.02 True 0
Crossword CW2010.01 True 0
Crossword CW2009.12 True 0
Crossword CW2009.11 True 0
Crossword CW2009.10 True 0
Crossword CW2009.09 True 0
Crossword CW2009.08 True 0
Crossword CW2009.07 True 0
Crossword CW2009.06 True 0
Crossword CW2009.05 True 0
Crossword CW2009.04 True 0
Crossword CW2009.03 True 0
Crossword CW2009.02 True 0
Crossword CW2009.01 True 0
Crossword CW2008.12 True 0
Crossword CW2008.11 True 0
Crossword CW2008.10 True 0
Crossword CW2008.09 True 0
Crossword CW2008.08 True 0
Crossword CW2008.07 True 0
Crossword CW2008.06 True 0
Crossword CW2008.05 True 0
Crossword CW2008.04 True 0
Crossword CW2008.03 True 0
Crossword CW2008.02 True 0
Crossword CW2008.01 True 0
Crossword Cw2007.12 True 0
Crossword CW2007.11 True 0
Crossword CW2007.10 True 0
Crossword CW2007.09 True 0
Crossword CW2007.08 True 0
Crossword CW2007.07 True 0
Crossword CW2007.06 True 0
Crossword CW2007.05 True 0
Crossword CW2007.04 True 0
Crossword CW2007.03 True 0
Crossword CW2007.02 True 0
Crossword CW2007.01 True 0
Crossword CW2006.12 True 0
Crossword CW2006.11 True 0
Crossword CW2006.10 True 0
Crossword CW2006.09 True 0
Crossword CW2006.08 True 0
Crossword CW2006.07 True 0
Crossword CW2006.06 True 0
Crossword CW2006.05 True 0
Crossword CW2006.04 True 0
Crossword CW2006.03 True 0
Crossword CW2006.02 True 0
Crossword CW2006.01 True 0
Crossword CW2005.07 True 0
Crossword CW2015.06 True 0
Crossword CW2015.05 True 0
Crossword CW2015.04 True 0
Crossword CW2015.03 True 0
Crossword CW2015.02 True 0
Crossword CW2015.01 True 0
Crossword Basic Embryology True 0
Crossword General True 0
Commentaries IVF Environment Management True 0
Commentaries FertAid has released a 2012 IVF Laboratory Census True 0
Commentaries Mother Of First IVF Baby Dies At 64 True 0
Commentaries The Alpha consensus meeting on cryopreservation KPI and benchmarks True 0
Commentaries Effects of dietary interventions on neonatal and infant outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analy True 0
Commentaries How strict should specimen acceptance or rejection criteria be for diagnostic semen analysis? True 0
Commentaries Accreditation needs. True 0
Commentaries Sample acceptance/rejection - policy manual True 0
Commentaries Man dies after multiple sperm donations. True 0
Commentaries Age and ET day on cumulative pregnancy rates True 0
Commentaries Sitting and Life risks True 0
Commentaries Key indicator for successful treatment of infertile couples True 0
Commentaries Relationship between physical occupational exposures and health on semen quality True 0
Commentaries Effect of sperm DNA fragmentation on IVF/CISI in women with different ovarian reserves True 0
Commentaries Freeze-all policy: fresh vs. frozen-thawed embryo transfer True 0
Commentaries Perinatal outcomes associated with assisted reproductive technology: the Massachusetts Outcomes Stud True 0
Commentaries Wider hips don't make locomotion easier, so why is labor so hard? True 0
Commentaries Fewer multiple births could reduce autism risk in ART children True 0
Commentaries Beyond genes: Are centrioles carriers of biological information? True 0
Commentaries Semen Quality and chronic health situations, occupation and medical history True 0
Commentaries Can one combine post death sperm utilization and surrogacy True 0
Commentaries Does sexual abstinence effect IVF(ICSI) outcomes. True 0
Commentaries Does diet influence the chance of pregnancy after IVF True 0
Commentaries Can injection of activated platelet rich plasma [PRP] improve IVF in older women ? True 0
Commentaries Can perifollicular blood flow [PFBF] influence embryo quality and pregnancy? True 0
Commentaries Is there a relation between the time to ICSI and the reproductive outcomes? True 0
Commentaries Are there implications where a partners signature is forged prior to treatment? True 0
Commentaries Can ambient air pollution influence the chance and outcome of pregnancy? True 0
Commentaries Can Sperm seletion by thermotaxis improve ICSI outcome? True 0
CPD New Guidelines for Embryo Assessment [ALPHA/ESHRE] True 0
CPD ART Failure True 0
CPD Culture Media Interactions True 0
CPD IVF Laboratory History True 0
CPD IVF Media Management True 0
CPD A to Z of Male Infertility-Topic A True 0
CPD Female Reproductive Endocrinology True 0
CPD ANZARD 2011 True 0
CPD Assisted Hatching True 0
CPD Embryology for Nurses True 0
CPD SEMEN ANALYSIS for Nurses True 0
Training Andrology - Undescended Testes - Part 2 True 0
Training Andrology - Undescended testes - Part 1 True 0
Training Andrology - Klinefelterís syndrome True 0
Training Andrology - Blood In Semen True 0
Training Testicular maturation and descent True 0
Training Structure of the testis True 0
Training Spermiogensis True 0
Training Male Reproductive Endocrinology - the basics True 0
Training Gonadogenesis True 0
Training Development of the testis True 0
CPD Disorders of Ejaculation True 0
CPD Primary Testicular Failure True 0
Training Makler Chamber True 0
Training Specimen Rejection or Acceptance True 0
Training Nomenclature related to semen quality True 0
Training Lower reference limits forSemen Parameters- WHO Manual True 0
Training WHO5 - Significance of low WHO sperm morphology value True 0
Training WHO5-Antisperm Antibodies-Comments True 0
Training WHO5-Antisperm Antibodies True 0
CPD Understanding Sperm Morphology Part 1. True 0
IVFChallenge Andrology Challenge 001 True 0
Training WHO5-Sperm Vitality True 0
Training WHO5-Sample Collection True 0
CPD MAKLER Chamber True 0
CPD Sample Identification True 0
CPD WHO5-Inital assessment True 0
CPD WHO5-Sample Collection True 0

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