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Key Points

Individual Access

Access to all IVFCPD learning activies requires a current subscription for the current year.
IVFCPD is open to all clinic staff (including clinical, nursing, laboratory, counselling and administrative staff) or individuals wishing to expand their knowledge about the current state of IVF.
You can subscribe as an individual, as a clinic or join an existing subscription with the correct key codes.
The cost of an individual annual subscription is $AUD30.00
A clinic may raise an annual invoice for unlimited staff access for $AUD550.
Access is limited to any participants with the same email suffix and is available to all clinic staff.
If a staff member has a different email suffix than for the subscription, they may still gain annual access using a unique invoice code available from the clinics supervisor.
Past activities can always be accessed but new enrolments require new subscription.
General access may not include future course activities where there exists a specific subscription requirment by the author of the module.

You will need to register and logon to subscribe to CPD Courses.
Clinic Subscription

Access to all IVFCPD learning activies requires a current subscription.
A clinic can subscribe for a 12 months period for $AUD 550.
Any clinic staff that register or login with a valid email address that matches a paid invoice email will be subscribed automatically.
This can include any staff member including doctors, nurses, scientists, counselors and any other support staff.
There currently is no restriction on the number of staff than may join per subscription.
A clinic subscription will allow the supervsor of a clinc to draw on the activities of linked staff for quality and accreditation purposes.
A clinic with a current subscription may create their own CPD projects from the CPD courses available to fine tune a clinics training and educational programme.
Access to public abstracts or webinars are freely accessible to registered user regardless of a current subscription
Join a current subscription.

Join using Subscription Key
  Ask your Supervisor for the key attached to the invoice for your clinics subscription
Key - -
Email If your email has the same suffix as a company with a current subscription, IVFCPD will join you automatically
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