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Survey:Sperm DNA Fragmentation /True
Comment:Assessment of Sperm DNA Fragmentation by TUNEL, SCSA, halosperm or other appear very popular but is it? Complete the survey to find out just how many clinics are performing this assay. This survey may be presented at the 10th International Congress of Andrology. 23 26 February 2013 Melbourne, Australia. Please use the comments section to describe how you do sperm DNA Fragmentation assessment and what are your cut-offs.

Access: You may complete the survey anonymously or you may elect to register first then complete the survey. If you register, your submissiosn will be logged to your country and be marked as a valid response. Alternatively, if you wish to submit a reply anonymously, thats OK. Your submission will include your IP address to mark your response as unique but it means that other staff members using the same network (and the same IP address) will not be able to respond.

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In-house or Outsourcing tests
1. Yes I perform some form of Sperm DNA Assessment in my laboratory or clinic.
2. No, we do NOT perform a sperm DNA Fragmentation Assay in our lab but outsource it to another lab.
3. NO we do not use sperm DNA Fragmentation assay in our clinical management!!
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Type of DNA Testing
4. We use TUNEL methodology
5. We use SCSA (Sperm chromatin structure assay) in our lab.
6. We use Halosperm in our laboratory.
7. We use a Comet methodology
8. We use a different method to those listed above (describe the method in the comments section below)
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9. We perform it as a screening test for all new clients
10. We perform it prior to an IVF cycle
11. We perform it only after a poor IVF outcome
12. We perform it only when order by a doctor.
13. We perform it before all new IUI cycles.
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Donor Testing.
14. We assess all new sperm donors for sperm DNA Fragmentation.
15. We do not assess all new sperm donors.
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#207 writes: we encourage all new clients and those with a poor outcome (poor embryo development, biochemical pregnancy, early abortion) to take the test, but patients have to pay for it out out of their own pocket so many prefer not to go ahead.
#0 writes: We have instituted SCSA as a screening test for all new semen analysis as part of a clinic wide protocol. If abnormal, the men usually undergo vitamin treatment but unfortunately are not retested. Abnormal SCSA >15% always go to ICSI
#0 writes: initially in 2009- 2010 i did halosperm test for couple with poor reproductive outcome both in spontaneous and ART pregnancies and found DFI <20% had better prognosis [ among indian clients]. Now i don"t do halosperm test, instead i put the husband on anti oxidants and advise life style modification.
#874 writes: The test used by us is SCD
#0 writes: Very interesting and useful discussion!
#8431 writes: which one is the best protocol for achieving fair success rate in IUI cycles
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