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Survey:WHO 5th Edition Standard for Semen Analysis /True
Comment:This survey seeks to identify the current status of Andrology clinics attitude to the new WHO 5th Edition for Semen Analysis. It will part of a presentation for SIRT (Australia)in May 2011.

Access: You may complete the survey anonymously or you may elect to register first then complete the survey. If you register, your submissiosn will be logged to your country and be marked as a valid response. Alternatively, if you wish to submit a reply anonymously, thats OK. Your submission will include your IP address to mark your response as unique but it means that other staff members using the same network (and the same IP address) will not be able to respond.

It is recommended that you logon or register to complete this survey. This will allow both an analysis by country and will improve accountability. You can submit answers linked to your IP address but they may not be utilised. REGISTER NOW [You can also subscribe to the free weekly IVFdaily mailout]

Survey Page: Which Standard? of 7 Pages
1. The Question: Are you using WHO 5th edition in all aspects? -Results [n=50]
2. The Question: Have you largely implemented the WHO 5th with some exceptions? -Results [n=38]
3. The Question: Have you partially implemented the WHO 5th edition. -Results [n=31]
4. The Question: Have you not implemented the WHO 5th. -Results [n=27]
5. The Question: If you are not using WHO5, do you plan to move to it in the future? -Results [n=19]
6. The Question: Do you use a standard other than WHO4 or WHO5 eg ESHRE -Results [n=20]
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