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Survey:Embryologists Experience /True
Comment: This is a survey of the background and level of experience embryologists have around the world. Post this link on to your own societies email and lets try to get a truly international flavour to this survey about the current status of who is an embryologist.

Access: You may complete the survey anonymously or you may elect to register first then complete the survey. If you register, your submissiosn will be logged to your country and be marked as a valid response. Alternatively, if you wish to submit a reply anonymously, thats OK. Your submission will include your IP address to mark your response as unique but it means that other staff members using the same network (and the same IP address) will not be able to respond.

It is recommended that you logon or register to complete this survey. This will allow both an analysis by country and will improve accountability. You can submit answers linked to your IP address but they may not be utilised. REGISTER NOW [You can also subscribe to the free weekly IVFdaily mailout]

1. Non University Qualification.
2. Non Science Qualification
3. Science Degree
5. Masters of Science [non-embryology]
6. Masters of Science [embryology]
7. PhD [Non embryology]
8. PhD [embryology]
9. Medical or related Degree
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Post Graduate Qualifications?
10. Have you completed a specific Masters in Clinical Embryology Post graduate course
11. Have you completed a specific Masters in Reproductive Medicine (or equivalent) Post graduate course
12. I have not completed any IVF related post graduate qualification.
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Area of Proficiency
13. My main area of work is in Embryology
14. My main area of work is in Andrology
15. My main area of work is in Endocrinology
15. My main area of work is in Genetics.
16. My main area of work is in another area
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Allocation of work
17. I work in one discipline only (e.g. embryology)
18. I work in more than one discipline only (e.g. embryology and andrology)
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Type of laboratory
19. I work only in an Embryology Laboratory
20. I work only in an Andrology Laboratory
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Years of Experience
26. 2-5 years experience
27. 6-10 years experience
28. 11-15 years experience
29. 16-20 years experience
30. 21-25 years experience
31. 26-30 years experience
32. More than 30 years experience
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33. I am a trainee embryologist
34. I am a qualified embryologists
35. I am a laboratory Manager
36. I am a Quality Manager (or similar position)
37. I am a Scientific Director (or equivalent)
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38. I am not involved in any research
39. I am involved in minor internal research only
40. I am involved in major research activity (>50% on my time).
41. I am involved in full time research
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Number of embryologists
42. I am the only embryologist in my laboratory.
43. There are 2-3 embryologists in my laboratory.
44. There are 4-6 embryologists in my laboratory.
45. There are 7-8 embryologists in my laboratory.
46. There are more than 8 embryologists in my laboratory.
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47. We perform less than 100 egg collections/year in my laboratory.
50. We perform 101-250 egg collections/year in my laboratory.
51. We perform 251-500 egg collections/year in my laboratory.
52. We perform 501-1000 egg collections/year in my laboratory.
53. We perform 1001-2000 egg collections/year in my laboratory.
54. We perform more than 2000 egg collections/year in my laboratory.
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#0 writes: I completed a post doctoral fellowship but not a "masters" in IVF.
#0 writes: It is very common to get more than one oiravan cyst. Even if your cyst totally disappears, it can often come back again. The fact that you have had 3 cysts in a short period of time has no connection to oiravan cancer, so you should not be overly worried about this. Just keep getting checked by your doctor you will be fine.Doctors do not really have an answer as to why oiravan cysts keep coming back in some women, but I believe that oiravan cysts are really just a symptom of underlying problems in the body. The way to deal with them is not to attack the cyst, but to tackle the underlying problems.You can do this is by adopting a natural holistic approach, covering areas like diet, nutrition, ph balance, and many others.The only way you can ever cure your oiravan cysts is from within by listening to what your body is trying to tell you, work with it and free yourself.There's a good site with more information articles below check it out.Hope this helps, try not to worry too much good luck.
#0 writes: I sent the link to our homeschool co-op group and another friend along with how we have used this as a resource to help our family use biblical guidelines to establish coenequescns when dealing with particular sin issues.
#0 writes: That's a smart way of lonkiog at the world.
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