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Key Points

Publications and News
Key Points Key Points
Age/Ovarian Reserve
149 Day 2 IGF-1 and poor responders
236 Day3 x Day 5 in Older Women
138 MOSI- modified ovarian sensitivity index
199 Telomere length and Oocyte Aging
252 Time-Lapse and maternal age
165 Fertility-sparing surgery & ovarian tumors
37 Male Childhood cancer survivors an fertility
38 Male Childhood cancer survivors and fertility
125 COVID-19 and cryopreservtion
128 COVID-19 and Fertility Treatment
123 COVID-19 and spermatozoa
87 COVID-19 laboratory transition
67 COVID-19 Management
Cumulative Rates/Models/Success
108 Prediction of Cumulative Pregnancy Rate
228 Gender and hCG concentrations
213 Kisspeptin and IVF
258 Low progesterone at ET
150 Vitamin D and IVF outcome
102 Endometrioma
126 Endometriosis and IVF Outcomes
210 Sun exposure and risk of endometriosis
139 Ambient air pollution, Folliculogenesis and IVF
Fertility Preservation
243 Guidelines for elective oocyte cryopreservation
229 Social egg freezing and donation
IVF Treatment
69 Acupuncture and embryo Transfer
2 Freeze All Strategy
253 Interval between treatments
203 MIscarriage and IVF Treatment
181 IVM and IVF
111 Microbiome and COS
Minimal Stimulation
218 Endomterial thickness -Natural Cycle.
Oocyte Retrieval
215 Transabdominal ultrasound guided oocyte retrieval
11 Ovarian Stimulation PCOS
Platelet-rich plasma
118 Platelet-Rich Autologous Plasma (PRP)
POR-Poor Ovarian Response
13 Ovarian Stimulation - poor responders
8 POSEIDON Group 4
95 cell-free DNA in pregnancy testing
114 Donor Eggs, Maternal Morbidity and IVF
240 First trimester Assessment and ICF/ICSI
232 First trimester serum marker and Embryo Morphology
154 Gender and placental histopathology
231 Maternal hCG and Embryo Morphology
155 Maternal hCG and fetal gender
174 Monozygotic twinning (MZT)
200 Natural x IVF pregnancies
233 Predicitve pregnancy initial hCG test
31 PBMC-therapy for RIF
77 Agonists x Antagonist Stimulation
54 Donor Eggs and stimulation
85 GnRH-antagonist and GnRH-agonist protocols
241 OCP and LBR
223 Ovarian sensitivity index
106 Response to Stimulation and Adult Morbidity
177 rFSH versus hMG
100 Urinary Phthalates
58 Endometrial thickness
159 Uterine activity
176 Uterine artery pulsatility index and pregnancy
17 Utrasound
134 Delayed Embryo Development
173 Endometrial Length
83 Endometrial Scratching
33 Endometrial Testing prior to transfer
153 Fallopian tube endocrinology
172 Perifollicular blood flow and IVF
119 Pretransfer Endometrial Compaction
29 Uterine Lavage and embryo Recovery
5 Uterine microbiota
211 Uterine Peristalsis
185 Uterine Transplant
61 Vaginal microbiome
Algorithm/sAI/ Deep Learning
110 Artificial intelligence in the IVF laboratory
143 Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and IVF
44 KIDScore
Basic Embryology
92 Cytoplasmic Halo
24 Diet and embryo development
194 DIPE -incompetent embryos
49 Embryo Metabolism
188 Hatching
166 Mechanisms of human embryo development
257 Morula and morphogenesis
16 Prediction of Euploidy Embryos
256 Cryogenic storage risks
56 Cryopreserved embryos - Day 5 x Day 6
79 Vitrification and Antioxidants.
132 Vitrification and Placental Function [in mice]
170 Vitrification Survival Rate
Embryo Culture
80 Antioxidants and Embryo Culture
246 Biophysical effects and embryo culture.
168 Culture Duration and fetal health
32 Culture Media
235 Day 7 Blastocysts
40 Day of Transfer and clinical outcomes
84 Effect of light on IVF
152 Effect of Oxygen Tension and IVF
97 Effect of temperature on IVF
94 Embryo Stress
137 Epigenetic remodeling of chromatin - Culture Media
230 Glycine transporter and hypertonic media
113 GM-CSF in embryo culture and clinical outcomes
78 Growth Factors and Embryo development
260 Low grade blastocyst management
145 Metabolic activity,morphokinetics and embryo grade
99 Mitochondria
192 Osmotic changes
35 Sequential and Continuous culture medium
163 Spontaneous blastocyst collapse
238 Time-Lapse and blastocysts
Embryo Secretome/Used Media
116 Embryo RNA in spent culture media
21 Embryo secretome
93 LIF in embryo culture
60 niPGT-A: Non-invasive preimplantation genetic test
142 artificial oocyte activation (AOA)
141 Calcium Oscillatory Patterns and Oocyte Activation
120 Capacitation-The role of calcium in fertilisation
221 Nonpronuclear and monopronuclear zygotes
122 Paternal RNA and embryo development
Follicles & Oocytes
204 Coenzyme Q10, follicels and Age
101 Follicle Oxidative Stress
127 Follicular Fluid and IVF Outcomes
47 NAD and Ovarian Aging
104 NAD,and ATP in Mature Oocytes
209 Oocyte cryopreservation
3 Oocyte Maturation
158 Oocyte Quality and IVF outcomes
171 Prematurely ruptured and Empty follicle syndrome
242 Smooth endoplasmic reticulum [SER]
148 ICSI and Aneuploidy.
53 IVF x ICSI Comparison
216 Laser-assisted ICSI
73 PVP Concentrations and ICSI outcomes
201 Time of denuding and Injections
mitochondria & Cytoplasmic Transfer
183 Cytoplasmic Transfer
184 Mitochondria and IVF Outcome
65 0PN Oocytes
156 Chromosomal mosaicism and PGT-A
244 Fetal abnormalities and PGT-A
26 Gene-edited babies
103 ICSI x IVF and Aneuploidy
144 Management of Mosaic Embryos
82 non-invasive preimplantation genetic testing for a
220 Paternal age and aneuploidy
245 PGT and sex ratio
12 PGT-A
160 PGT-A and Cumulative Pregnancy Rate
162 PGT-A and extended culture
164 PGT-A and Quality Management
151 PGT-A Cochrane Review
71 PGT-A demographics
167 PGT-A, mosaicism and cycle characteristics
6 Polygenic Embryo Screening
157 Reproducibility of trophectoderm biopsies
136 Trophectoderm RNA Analysis
202 Whole genome sequencing (WGS)
208 Automated Measurements of Key Morphological Featur
46 Blastocyst Cytoplasmic Strings
190 Time-Lapse and Early cleavage
196 Time-Lapse and male infertility
50 Time-Lapse Incubator (TLI)
Assisted Sperm Collection
189 Surgical sperm retrieval
Basic Andrology
4 Sperm Metabolism
130 The Role of the Epididymis and Epididymosomes
DNA damage
186 Abstinence and Sperm DNA fragmentation
250 Impact of Paternal Age on Sperm DNA Damage
219 Sperm DNA Fragmentation and Pregnancy
251 Sperm Selection and DNA damage
Male Infertility
51 Antioxidants and male infertility
15 BPA effects on male infertility
179 Cryopreservation in Male Infertility Clients
169 Epididymal Sperm and IVF outcomes
98 Male Factor Infertility and Birth Characteristics
1 Paternal Age
178 Testicular Sperm and IVF outcomes
259 The Invisble Male
Semen Profile
226 Andrology eduction
115 CAP-score Fetility Assessment
224 Collection of semen samples
227 MiOXSYS-Seminal oxidation-reduction potential
121 PLCz - phospholipase C zeta and IVF
248 RAC1 and sperm motility
249 Sperm Motility - the basics
117 Sperm Motility Analysis
124 Sperm Motility-the mathematics of motility
234 Temporary ejaculation failure.
Sperm Cryo
105 Elevated e2 and Endometrial Development
247 Social sperm freezing
107 Vitrification - Media and Process
Sperm DNA
20 Age-associated sperm DNA methylation patterns
30 MicroRNAs and Sperm Function
175 Sperm DNA Fragmentation and Embryo Quality
161 Sperm DNA Fragmentation and Paternal Age
112 Sperm DNA Fragmentation and Semen Profile
133 Sperm DNA Fragmentations Guidelines
193 Sperm DNA Methodology
Sperm Preparation/Sorting
197 Catsper and Sperm Sorting
7 Sperm Selection
57 Sperm Selection and IVF
ART Children
86 Adverse Perinatal Outcomes
180 Birth Defects and Cancer Risk in Children
14 Birthweight
43 Birthweight and embryo quality
187 Fresh x Cryopreserved Transfers
18 Infection morbidity in IVF children
19 Informing offspring of their conception
52 IVF x ICSI School Performance
195 IVFxICSIxMale Infertility
182 Temperament Profiles and IVF children
Consumer Information
55 Blastocyst formation and clients race.
198 Informed consent.
81 Patient Education.
254 Your IVF Success website
146 Anxiety or depression during pregnancy
222 Extended conselling
239 No embryo transfer
225 Post transfer experiences
217 Reproductive decision-making,
212 Stress Management and IVF
147 Revitrification
Donation Recipients
23 Donor Eggs and disorders of pregnancy
22 Donor Sperm and disorders of pregnancy
135 BMI and donor oocyte recipients
72 BMI and live Birth Rate
25 Dietary supplementation
28 Fats and male fertility
Normal Fertility
140 Cryptic sperm Selection
214 Childlessness
206 Hypnofertility-Based Nursing Care and IVF
207 Postpartum parenting behavior and IVF
205 Stress in infertile populations.
129 Lessons from anthropology and sociology
255 Liability for embryo mix-ups
Register Reports
131 ESHRE Report 2016
10 Cumulative Pregnancy Rate
Stem Cells
27 Functional Oocytes Derived from Granulosa Cells
109 In Vitro Culture of spermatogonial stem cells
237 Occupational health
62 Assisted sperm fusion insemination (ASFI).
191 Sperm Cryopreservation
Key Points Key Topics and Key Points First trimester Assessment and ICF/ICSI           Gender and placental histopathology
Key topics and Points are a new and developing tool for IVFCPD clients to quickly understand the key ideas in any topic. They are largely drawn from the abstract or open source text of IVFCPSs publication list and are presented as brief highlights and ordered in a general sense chronologically from recent to past.
List of Key Topics First trimester serum marker and Embryo Morphology Pregnancy
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8848 Conclusion
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