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List of Courses to Project:1/ Embryology 101 [0]
ID Code Course Subject
CPD003 Basic Embryology For Nurses + General
CPD427 Defintions used in time-lapse examinations Embryology
SEP426 The optimal time for assessing fertilisation Embryology
CPD224 ART failure+ General
SEP192 Osmotic changes in culture media and IVF outcomes -Dry x humidified incubators Embryology
CPD456 Basics of Ovarian Stimulation General
CPD328 Basic Endocrinology General
POD465 Demystifying mosaicism-Podcast Embryology
CPD225 Optimizing the culture environment in the IVF lab General
TC471 Liquid Nitrogen Handling, Safety and Risks Andrology
WEB480 Principles of cryopreservation and vitrification. Andrology
SEP110+ Artificial intelligence in the IVF laboratory. Embryology
SEP481 The Future Embryologist and the IVF Laboratory Embryology
WEB488 PGT-A The Basics Embryology
CPD489 Luteal-phase support in assisted reproductive technology General
SEP466 The Morula Embryology
TCE2020 Short embryology challenges for 2020 Not allocated
CPD554 Glossary on Infertility and Fertility Care General
SEP571 ‘Quiet Embryo Hypothesis’ Embryology
SEP570 Amino Acids and the Early Mammalian Embryo General
CPD435 The inadequate corpus luteum ART Cycles
SEP579 Making the blastocyst: lessons from the mouse Embryology
SEP341+ Pre-eclampsia with frozen embryo transfers + ART Cycles
SEP596 How long can the sperm wait? Andrology
TMG In Vitro Fertilisation. Elder and Dale 2011, 3ed Edition Cambridge Press Embryology
TC462 Basic Embryology Q & A Embryology
SEP599 ICSI x IVF for poor responders. Embryology
SEP602 Effects of embryo retention at transfer Embryology
SEP603 National Survey on Embryo Transfer (UK) Clinical
SEP99 Mitochondria in oocytes and embryos - Basic Biology Embryology
SEP609 Air quality in the clinical embryology laboratory General
SEP611 Interventions to optimize embryo transfer Clinical
SEP618 Mineral oil in IVF culture systems Embryology
TMG657 Cairo Consensus Guidelines on IVF Culture Condition Laboratory
SEP666 In Vivo Culture System Using the INVOcell Device Embryology
SEP674 The human first cell cycle: impact on implantation Embryology
SEP682 Zona Pellucida-Free Embryos Embryology
TBM685 Culture Media, Solutions and ART Systems Embryology
SEP686 Extracellular Vesicles and the Oviduct Function Embryology
SEP690 Sperm-egg interaction and fertilisation Embryology
WEB694 Dynamics of embryo development Embryology
WEB696 Green IVF Laboratory
SEP528 Role of telomeres in human reproduction and ART Embryology
SEP121+ PLCz - phospholipase C zeta and IVF outcomes+ Andrology
SEP360 The trophectoderm Embryology
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