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Providing a source of professional credits.

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Mail Notes
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FertAid is developing a secure IVF discussion room like EmbryoMail but with several differences . This may take some time to build and is currently under development.
You need to be registered with QAPonline and part of an IVF Clinic or a business supplying IVF. Hopefully this will encourage a more open debate than may occur in a more broad environment.
All mail has a title, a short summary and a text. Each can contain a link to another web page or to an IVFDaily link.
The title and the summary are public but the text can be marked as public or private (this means you need to be logged into access it)
You can control the distribution by directing a posting to a number of destinations-one's profession,country, region or society. This means that when complete, you can post, for instance, an item only to your professions in your own counrty.
There are a (growing) number of forums that one can add a contribution to and, when complete, you can join to filter the mail you receive.
FertAid Mail is open to business to post information about new products and developments. When complete you can filter your mailbox to include or exclude these postings. However, FertAidMail believes that product information is critical information for IVF Clinic staff and should be part of an interactive area.
You can mark some contributions to return to at a later time and can delete contributions from your mailbox
You can post information on jobs or announcements (best as a PDF) by adding directly or sending the information as a PDF to
FertAid has integrated IVFMail-IVFInteract into the mix of FertAids modules available to clinic staff. This means that you can review new contributions as part of your monthly EQA or educational activities or just logon specifically to read them. Whether they may be delivered by email remains under consideration.
FertAidMail will be linked to new publications via IVFdaily and hopefully there may be some discussion that will flow from such listings.
It is planned that IVFClinicMail may be used by all clinic staff, not just laboratory staff. Nursing and counselling staff are welcome to post enquies or comments to forums dedicated to their interests.
Clearly, the aim to provide an area where IVF clinic staff, not just laboratory staff, but nursing, clinical and counseling staff can use to exchange ideas, seek help or find answers. Time will tell whether there is a place for such a forum. FertAid believes there is!!
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