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Cell volume regulation in oocytes and early embryos: connecting physiology to successful culture media
HIRA contributes to zygote formation in mice and is implicated in human 1PN zygote phenotype
Is there still a rationale for non-invasive PGT-A by analysis of cell-free DNA released by human embryos into culture medium?
The Impact of the Using Culture Media Containing with Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor on Live Birth Rates in Patients with a History
Should we look for a low-grade threshold for blastocyst transfer? A scoping review
Cell-free DNA in spent culture medium effectively reflects the chromosomal status of embryos following culturing beyond implantation compared to troph
Perturbations of morphogenesis at the compaction stage affect blastocyst implantation and live birth rates
Embryonic Development in Relation to Maternal Age and Conception Probability
Biophysical optimization of preimplantation embryo culture: what mechanics can offer ART
Occurrence of smooth endoplasmic reticulum aggregates in metaphase II oocytes: relationship with stimulation protocols and outcome of ICSI and IVF cyc
Association between blastocyst morphology and maternal first trimester serum markers in ongoing pregnancies obtained after single fresh blastocyst tra
Perspective: One-Cell and Cleavage-Stage Mouse Embryos Thrive in Hyperosmotic Oviductal Fluid Through Expression of a Glycine Neurotransmitter Transpo
Stress Management during the Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection Cycle May Slow Down First Embryo Cleavage and Accelerate Embryo Compaction: A Pilot Rand
When embryology meets genetics: the definition of developmentally incompetent preimplantation embryos (DIPE)-the consensus of two Italian scientific s
Spontaneous in vitro hatching of the human blastocyst: the proteomics of initially hatching cells
Medical research and reproductive medicine in an ethical context: a critical commentary on the paper dealing with uterine lavage published by Munné et
A combination of growth factors and cytokines alter preimplantation mouse embryo development, fetal development and gene expression profiles
Randomized controlled trial comparing embryonic quality in rFSH versus hMG in the IVF protocol with GnRH Antagonist
Effect of Sperm DNA Fragmentation on Embryo Quality in Normal Responder Women in In Vitro Fertilization and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection
Zygotic splitting following embryo biopsy: a cohort study of 207 697 single‐:embryo transfers following IVF treatment
Determinants of monozygotic twinning in ART: a systematic review and a meta-analysis
Do human embryos have the ability of self-correction?
The duration of embryo culture after mouse IVF differentially affects cardiovascular and metabolic health in male offspring
Mechanisms of human embryo development: from cell fate to tissue shape and back
Correlation between aneuploidy, standard morphology evaluation and morphokinetic development in 1730 biopsied blastocysts: a consecutive case series s
Metabolic profile of in vitro derived human embryos is not affected by the mode of fertilization
Metabolic activity of human blastocysts correlates with their morphokinetics, morphological grade, KIDScore and artificial intelligence ranking
The Influence of Delayed Blastocyst Development on the Outcome of Frozen-Thawed Transfer of Euploid and Untested Embryos
Tobacco consumption is associated with slow-growing day-6 blastocysts
Nampt-mediated Spindle Sizing Secures a Post-Anaphase Increase in Spindle Speed Required for Extreme Asymmetry [in the mouse]
Women's egg quality dependent on metabolic factors
The future of embryology. Technological advant-gardes in embryo selection (Organized by SIERR)
Mitochondrial DNA Content Is Not Predictive of Reproductive Competence in Euploid Blastocysts
LIF in Embryo Culture Medium Is a Predictive Marker for Clinical Pregnancy Following IVF-ET of Patients With Fallopian Tube Obstruction
Cytoplasmic Halo Characteristics During Fertilization and Their Implications for Human Preimplantation Embryo Development and Pregnancy Outcome
Next-generation sequencing analysis of each blastomere in good-quality embryos- insights into the origins and mechanisms of embryonic aneuploidy in cl
GM-CSF does not rescue poor-quality embryos: secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial
Association between blood lipid level and embryo quality during in vitro fertilization
Blastocysts Derived From 0PN Oocytes: Genetic And Clinical Results.
Good practice recommendations for the use of time-lapse technology†
Trophectoderm segmentation in human embryo images via inceptioned U-Net
Need for choosing the ideal pH value for IVF culture media
Metabolic profile of in-vitro derived human embryos is not affected by the mode of fertilization
Blastulation of a zygote to a hatched blastocyst without any clear cell division: an observational finding in a time-lapse system after IVF
The impact of embryo quality on singleton birthweight in vitrified-thawed single blastocyst transfer cycles
Antioxidants increase MOUSE blastocyst cryosurvival and viability post-vitrification
Trimethylamine-N-oxide is present in human follicular fluid and is a negative predictor of embryo quality
Blastocyst collapse as an embryo marker of low implantation potential: a time-lapse multicentre study
Effect of a 6-week “Mediterranean” dietary intervention on in vitro human embryo development: the Preconception Dietary Supplements in Assisted Reprod
Levels of caspase-3 and histidine-rich glycoprotein in the embryo secretome as biomarkers of good-quality day-2 embryos and high-quality blastocysts
Oxidative stress in sperm affects the epigenetic reprogramming in early embryonic development
Cytokines hold promise for human embryo culture in vitro: results of a randomized clinical trial
Embryo culture at a reduced oxygen concentration of 5%: a mini review
RNA-seq as a tool for evaluating human embryo competence
Deep learning enables robust assessment and selection of human blastocysts after in vitro fertilization
Fine-tuning blastocyst selection based on morphology: a multicentre analysis of 2461 single blastocyst transfers
Performance of Day 5 KIDScore™ morphokinetic prediction models of implantation and live birth after single blastocyst transfer
Failure of complete hatching of ICSI-derived human blastocyst by cell herniation via small slit and insufficient expansion despite ongoing cell prolif
Effect on clinical and neonatal outcomes of blastocelic microsuction prior to vitrification
New Frontiers in IVF: mtDNA and autologous germline mitochondrial energy transfer
Figure 1. Blastomere spatial arrangement. Images of successive cleavages leading to formation of four-cell embryos with TET, nTET, and nTETp tetrafoli
Instructions for Assembling the Early Mammalian Embryo
Blastomere cleavage plane orientation and the tetrahedral formation are associated with increased probability of a good-quality blastocyst for cryopre
Deep learning as a predictive tool for fetal heart pregnancy following time-lapse incubation and blastocyst transfer.
Influence of human embryo cultivation in a classic CO2 incubator with 20% oxygen versus benchtop incubator with 5% oxygen on live births: the randomiz
Compromised global embryonic transcriptome associated with advanced maternal age
Deep learning enables robust assessment and selection of human blastocysts after in vitro fertilization
Artificial intelligence approach optimizes embryo selection for IVF
A Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis on time lapse
Clinical implications of mitochondrial DNA quantification on pregnancy outcomes: a blinded prospective non-selection study
Mitochondria as a Biomarker for IVF Outcome
Adverse effects of paternal obesity on the motile spermatozoa quality
One hundred mosaic embryos transferred prospectively in a single clinic: exploring when and why they result in healthy pregnancies
Metabolic imaging via fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy for egg and embryo assessment
An oviduct-on-a-chip provides an enhanced in vitro environment for zygote genome reprogramming
Biparental Inheritance of Mitochondrial DNA in Humans
Some rare fathers pass on an extra kind of DNA to their children
Human blastocysts of normal and abnormal karyotypes display distinct transcriptome profiles
Is differences in embryo morphokinetic development significantly associated with human embryo sex?
pH: the silent variable significantly impacting meiotic spindle assembly in mouse oocytes
Optimizing the culture environment and embryo manipulation to help maintain embryo developmental potential [Published 2016]
National Mosaic Embryo Transfer Practices: A Survey
Paternal factors contributing to embryo quality
Exploring early human embryo development
Relationship between blastocoel cell-free DNA and day-5 blastocyst morphology
Secretome of in vitro cultured human embryos contains extracellular vesicles that are uptaken by the maternal side
Extracellular vesicles: a promising tool for assessment of embryonic competence
Navigation problems of ICSI or naive blastocyst can be solved with artificial blastocyst
Ibuprofen is deleterious for the development of first trimester human fetal ovary ex vivo
Time-lapse algorithms and morphological selection of day-5 embryos for transfer: a preclinical validation study
Focused time-lapse analysis reveals novel aspects of human fertilization and suggests new parameters of embryo viability
Focused time-lapse analysis reveals novel aspects of human fertilization and suggests new parameters of embryo viability
Alterations in the sperm histone-retained epigenome are associated with unexplained male factor infertility and poor blastocyst development in donor o
Effect of the male factor on the clinical outcome of intracytoplasmic sperm injection combined with preimplantation aneuploidy testing: observational
Comparison of embryo morphokinetics following intracytoplasmic sperm injection in smoker and non-smoker couples: Are the results different?
Impact of 3.5% O2 culture on embryo development and clinical outcomes: a comparative study
Do Sperm Really Compete and Do Eggs Ever Have a Choice? Adult Distribution and Gamete Mixing Influence Sexual Selection, Sexual Conflict, and the Evol
In vivo oxygen, temperature and pH dynamics in the female reproductive tract and their importance in human conception: a systematic review
Automatic Identification of Human Blastocyst Components via Texture
Single-centre retrospective analysis of growth hormone supplementation in IVF patients classified as poor-prognosis
Earlier day of blastocyst development is predictive of embryonic euploidy across all ages: essential data for physician decision-making and counseling
Should we consider day-2 and day-3 embryo morphology before day-5 transfer when blastocysts reach a similar good quality?
Effect of micronutrient supplementation on IVF outcomes: a systematic review of the literature
Significant correlation between anti-müllerian hormone and embryo euploidy in a subpopulation of infertile patients
Elimination of the male reproductive tract in the female embryo is promoted by COUP-TFII in mice
Female mouse embryos actively remove male reproductive systems
Quadrupling efficiency in production of genetically modified pigs through improved oocyte maturation
Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) and embryo quality assessed by time-lapse imaging (TLI): a cross-sectional observational study
Cumulus cell mitochondrial activity in relation to body mass index in women undergoing assisted reproductive therapy
Sperm DNA fragmentation index does not correlate with blastocyst aneuploidy or morphological grading
Infertility Diagnosis has a Significant Impact on the Transcriptome of Developing Blastocysts
The Use of Proteomics in Assisted Reproduction
What we learned from extended culture of `rejected` day-3 cleavage stage embryos: a prospective cohort study.
Pregnancy rates of day 4 and day 5 embryos after culture in an integrated time-lapse incubator
Comprehensive chromosome screening and gene expression analysis from the same biopsy in human preimplantation embryos
The mechanics clarifying counterclockwise rotation in most IVF eggs in mice
Adjuncts in the IVF laboratory: where is the evidence for ‘add-on’ interventions?
Extracellular microRNAs in follicular fluid and their potential association with oocyte fertilization and embryo quality: an exploratory study
Quantitative and qualitative changes of mitochondria in human preimplantation embryos
Clinical outcomes after IVF or ICSI using human blastocysts derived from oocytes containing aggregates of smooth endoplasmic reticulum
Examining the efficacy of six published time-lapse imaging embryo selection algorithms to predict implantation to demonstrate the need for the develop
Morphologic grading of euploid blastocysts influences implantation and ongoing pregnancy rates
Improved detection of mineral oil toxicity using an extended mouse embryo assay
A simple and rapid flow cytometry-based assay to identify a competent embryo prior to embryo transfer
SUV4-20 activity in the preimplantation mouse embryo controls timely replication
What happens in the cell nucleus after fertilization?
Inhibition of mTOR induces a paused pluripotent state
Researchers put mouse embryos in suspended animation
Potential of human twin embryos generated by embryo splitting in assisted reproduction and research
Unraveling the association between genetic integrity and metabolic activity in pre-implantation stage embryos
The Impact of a Standardized Oral Multinutrient Supplementation on Embryo Quality in in vitro Fertilization/Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection: A Prospe
Mutations in PADI6 Cause Female Infertility Characterized by Early Embryonic Arrest
Effect of assisted hatching on pregnancy outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Asymmetric division of contractile domains couples cell positioning and fate specification
The force is strong with embryo cells
Higher β::-HCG concentrations and higher birthweights ensue from single vitrified embryo transfers
Mitochondrial DNA levels as a marker of embryo viability in IVF
Zygotes segregate entire parental genomes in distinct blastomere lineages causing cleavage-stage chimerism and mixoploidy
Single-cell analysis of embryos reveals mis-segregation of parental genomes
A step closer to understanding fertilization
A prospective randomized controlled trial investigating the effect of artificial shrinkage (collapse) on the implantation potential of vitrified blast
Freeze-all at the blastocyst or bipronuclear stage: A randomized clinical trial
Regulator of G-protein signaling 2 (RGS2) suppresses premature calcium release in mouse eggs
Paternally contributed centrioles exhibit exceptional persistence in C. elegans embryos
Beyond genes: Are centrioles carriers of biological information?
Association of Clinical Embryologists – Guidelines on Good Practice in Clinical Embryology Laboratories 2012.
Nearly 2,500 women could benefit from mitochondrial donation in UK
Trends, Fads and ART!
The effects of glucuronic acid and N-acetyl-D-glucosamine on in vitro fertilisation of porcine oocytes
Human embryos from overweight and obese women display phenotypic and metabolic abnormalities
SOX17 Is a Critical Specifier of Human Primordial Germ Cell Fate
Egg and sperm race: Scientists create early stages of human egg and sperm
ACE consensus meeting report: Culture systems
Sperm-derived WW domain-binding protein, PAWP, elicits calcium oscillations and oocyte activation in humans and mice
Synthetic sperm protein raises the chance for successful in vitro fertilization
Totipotency and lineage segregation in the human embryo
Metabolism of the preimplantation embryo: 40 years on [Archive-Review-Open Access]
Metabolic heterogeneity during preimplantation development: the missing link?
EmbryoMail News - Blastocoel collapse
Polar body based aneuploidy screening is poorly predictive of embryo ploidy and reproductive potential
Arrested human embryos are more likely to have abnormal chromosomes than developing embryos from women of advanced maternal age
Maternal tract factors contribute to paternal seminal fluid impact on metabolic phenotype in offspring
Direct Real-Time Measurement of Intra-Oocyte Nitric Oxide Concentration In Vivo
Lost in translation? Not when it comes to control of gene expression during Drosophila development
Freeze-all is a superior therapy to another fresh cycle in patients with prior fresh blastocyst implantation failure
Comparison of gender-specific human embryo development characteristics by time-lapse technology
Paternal Mitochondrial Destruction after Fertilization Is Mediated by a Common Endocytic and Autophagic Pathway in Drosophila
Inheriting Mitochondria: Where does your father's go?
Is a vitrify all approach a valid paradigm to pursue to improve IVF outcomes
The Development and Clinical Studies of global® Medium for the Culture of Human Embryos and the global® Family of ART Media
Characterization of follicle stimulating hormone profiles in normal ovulating women
Juno is the egg Izumo receptor and is essential for mammalian fertilization
Sperm meets egg: Protein essential for fertilization discovered
The origin, mechanisms, incidence and clinical consequences of chromosomal mosaicism in humans
Rapid warming increases survival of slow-frozen sibling oocytes: a step towards a single warming procedure irrespective of the freezing protocol?
Cell lines from morphologically abnormal discarded IVF embryos are typically euploid and unaccompanied by intrachromosomal aberrations
Role of dehydroepiandrosterone in improving oocyte and embryo quality in IVF cycles
Non-canonical function of spindle assembly checkpoint proteins after APC activation reduces aneuploidy in mouse oocytes
Why chromosome errors are high in women's eggs
Two classes of ovarian primordial follicles exhibit distinct developmental dynamics and physiological functions
Different eggs in adolescent girls, adult women
Rethinking our approach to cancer
Correlation between standard blastocyst morphology, euploidy and implantation: an observational study in two centers involving 956 screened blastocyst
Morphokinetic parameters of ICSI tripronucleated embryos observed using time lapse
One of the major genes responsible for female differentiation discovered
Could empirical low-dose-aspirin administration during IVF cycle affect both the oocytes and embryos quality via COX 1–2 activity inhibition?
Impact of PCOS on early embryo cleavage kinetics
First births with a simplified culture system for clinical IVF and embryo transfer
Estrogen: Not Just Produced by Ovaries
Cell 'arms' reach out and pull early embryo into shape
Cadherin-dependent filopodia control preimplantation embryo compaction
Time-lapse parameters as predictors of blastocyst development and pregnancy outcome in embryos from good prognosis patients: a prospective cohort stud
First reported clinical pregnancy following heterotopic grafting of cryopreserved ovarian tissue in a woman after a bilateral oophorectomy
Shake, rattle and roll: bringing a little rock to the IVF laboratory to improve embryo development
New Test May Spot Which Embryos Stand Greatest Chance of Survival
A Metabolic Means to Preserving Egg Supply, Fertility
Follicular fluid insulin like growth factor-1 (FF IGF-1) is a biochemical marker of embryo quality and implantation rates in in vitro fertilization cy
Growth differentiation factor 9:bone morphogenetic protein 15 heterodimers are potent regulators of ovarian functions
IVA [In-Vitro Activation] -Baby born after ovaries ‘reawakened’
Hippo signaling disruption and Akt stimulation of ovarian follicles for infertility treatment
Involvement of androgens in ovarian health and disease
Expression and function of cyclooxygenase-2 is necessary for hamster blastocyst hatching
Peering Beneath the Surface: Novel Imaging Strategies to Non-Invasively Select Gametes and Embryos for ART
The Embryonic Linker Histone H1 Variant of Drosophila, dBigH1, Regulates Zygotic Genome Activation
And in the Beginning Was Histone 1
Influence of the zona pellucida of the mouse egg on folliculogenesis and fertility
Cleavage-stage biopsy significantly impairs human embryonic implantation potential while blastocyst biopsy does not: a randomized and paired clinical
Toxic trace metals and embryo quality indicators during in vitro fertilization (IVF)
Upper control limit of reactive oxygen species in follicular fluid beyond which viable embryo formation is not favorable
The effect of the biochemical marker soluble human leukocyte antigen G on pregnancy outcome in assisted reproductive technology—a multicenter study
Paternal Diet-Induced Obesity Retards Early Mouse Embryo Development, Mitochondrial Activity and Pregnancy Health
Could time-lapse embryo imaging reduce the need for biopsy and PGS?
Advances in quality control: mouse embryo morphokinetics are sensitive markers of in vitro stress
The impact of pronuclei morphology and dynamicity on live birth outcome after time-lapse culture
Similar morphokinetic patterns in embryos derived from obese and normoweight infertile women: a time-lapse study
Time-lapse parameters as predictors of blastocyst development and pregnancy outcome in embryos from good prognosis patients: a prospective cohort stud
Human embryonic development after blastomere removal: a time-lapse analysis
Time-lapse monitoring as a tool for clinical embryo assessment
Identification of Potential Oviductal Factors Responsible of the Zona Pellucida Hardening and Monospermy During Fertilization in Mammals
In-vitro model systems for the study of human embryo–endometrium interactions
Adelaide Zoo set to use IVF to help giant pandas breed
How Females Choose the 'Right' Sperm [fish species!]
The centriolar satellite protein SSX2IP promotes centrosome maturation
How 'Teamwork' Between Egg and Sperm Works: Little-Known Protein Identified in Vertebrate Fertilization Process
Time of insemination culture and outcomes of in vitro fertilization: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Microorganisms within Human Follicular Fluid: Effects on IVF
Hatching of in vitro fertilized human embryos is influenced by fertilization method
Bisphenol-A and human oocyte maturation in vitro
Embryo developmental capability and pregnancy outcome are related to the mitochondrial DNA copy number and ooplasmic volume
Time-lapse parameters as predictors of blastocyst development and pregnancy outcome in embryos from good prognosis patients: a prospective cohort stud
Human preimplantation embryo development in vitro: a morphological assessment of sibling zygotes cultured in a single medium or in sequential media
Independent specialization of the human and mouse X chromosomes for the male germ line
Association between blastocyst morphology and outcome of single-blastocyst transfer
A slippery slope to human germline modification
Myc-driven endogenous cell competition in the early mammalian embryo
Cells in the Early Embryo Battle Each Other to Death for Becoming Part of the Organism
Oocyte-derived R-spondin2 promotes ovarian follicle development
Prediction of live birth in frozen–thawed single blastocyst transfer cycles by pre-freeze and post-thaw morphology
Blastocyst culture and cryopreservation to optimize clinical outcomes of warming cycles
Developmental dynamics of IMSI-derived embryos: a time-lapse prospective study
Important Fertility Mechanism Discovered
Reproductive Tract Secretions Elicit Ovulation
The Ethics of Resurrecting Extinct Species
Retinoic Acid Gradient Visualized for the First Time in an Embryo
Giant panda artificially inseminated at US zoo
Engineered multilayer ovarian tissue that secretes sex steroids and peptide hormones in response to gonadotropins
Functional Ovarian Tissue Engineered in Lab
Maternal Diabetes Causes Alterations of DNA Methylation Statuses of Some Imprinted Genes in Murine Oocytes
Human Embryo Culture Dilemma Continues: “Back to Nature” or “Let the Embryo Choose”
First Cell Movements in the Embryo Decoded
Tiny Piece of RNA Keeps 'Clock' Running in Earliest Stages of Life
Aspiration of oocytes for in-vitro fertilization
Follicular Proinflammatory Cytokines and Chemokines as Markers of IVF Success
Criteria for number of embryos to transfer: a committee opinion
Insulin and IGF1 Receptors Are Essential for XX and XY Gonadal Differentiation and Adrenal Development in Mice
An Embryo That Is Neither Male nor Female: Impact of Three Unexpected Sex Determination Factors Analyzed
Embryo survival gene may fight range of diseases: study
Cleavage stage versus blastocyst stage embryo transfer in assisted reproductive technology
The association between severe obesity and characteristics of failed fertilized oocytes
DNA Microarray Reveals That High Proportions of Human Blastocysts from Women of Advanced Maternal Age Are Aneuploid and Mosaic
New Assessment Reveals Value of Second Embryo Biopsy for Women of Advanced Maternal Age
Paternal DNA damage resulting from various sperm treatments persists after fertilization and is similar before and after DNA replication.
The Activation of DNA Damage Detection and Repair Responses in Cleavage-Stage Rat Embryos by a Damaged Paternal Genome
X Chromosome Inactivation Is Initiated in Human Preimplantation Embryos
X Chromosome Inactivation Is Initiated in Human Preimplantation Embryos
Sirt3 protects in vitro–fertilized mouse preimplantation embryos against oxidative stress–induced p53-mediated developmental arrest
Sirt3 Helps Protect Preimplantation Mouse Embryos Against Stress Conditions During in Vitro Fertilization
The ovary: basic biology and clinical implications - Review Series
Egg activation in physiological polyspermy
Metabolism of the preimplantation embryo: 40 years on - Henry J Leese
Graafi:an follicles are cooler than neighbouring ovarian tissues and deep rectal temperatures
Phospholipase C-ζ:-induced Ca2+ oscillations cause coincident cytoplasmic movements in human oocytes that failed to fertilize after ICSI.
Male Infertility: 'Kick-Starting' Male Fertility With Missing Protein
Timing of cell division in human cleavage-stage embryos is linked with blastocyst formation and quality
Gamete competence assessment by polarizing optics in assisted reproduction
Chromosomal mosaicism in human preimplantation embryos: a systematic review
An embryo cleavage pattern based on the relative blastomere size as a function of cell number for predicting implantation outcome
ART culture conditions change the probability of mouse embryo gestation through defined cellular and molecular responses
Altered gene expression profile in cumulus cells of mature MII oocytes from patients with polycystic ovary syndrome
Mayo Clinic Marks Its First Births from Time-Lapse Incubator Use for in Vitro Fertilization
The ovary: basic biology and clinical implications
Portrait of an oocyte: our obscure origin
Making the blastocyst: lessons from the mouse
'Super-fertility' to blame for some recurrent miscarriages, study suggests
CDP011-Osmolality of culture media
Maternally recruited Aurora C kinase is more stable than Aurora B to support mouse oocyte maturation and early development
Cover image: Pictured is a mouse blastocyst with abnormally segregating chromosomes, with the spindles shown in green and chromosomes in blue.
Human pre-implantation embryo development
Oxygen Regulates Amino Acid Turnover and Carbohydrate Uptake During the Preimplantation Period of Mouse Embryo Development
A method for semi-automatic grading of human blastocyst microscope images
ART culture conditions change the probability of mouse embryo gestation through defined cellular and molecular responses
Mouse Embryos Stressed by Physiological Levels of Osmolarity Become Arrested in the Late 2-Cell Stage Before Entry into M Phase
PLCζ: and its role as a trigger of development in vertebrates
Dose of recombinant FSH and oestradiol concentration on day of HCG affect embryo development kinetics
Embryos under surveillance!
Cleavage kinetics analysis of human embryos predicts development to blastocyst and implantation
The blastocyst
The cleavage stage embryo
The zygote Chapter 2.
In-vitro culture of human embryos with mechanical micro-vibration increases implantation rates
Advances in embryo culture platforms: novel approaches to improve preimplantation embryo development through modifications of the microenvironment
Day 3 embryo selection by metabolomic profiling of culture medium with near-infrared spectroscopy as an adjunct to morphology: a randomized controlled
The impact of pronuclei morphology and dynamicity on live birth outcome after time-lapse culture
The cleavage stage embryo
Smoking mothers' embryos 'grow more slowly
Why smoking is 'BAD' for the Fallopian tube - and increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy
Advantages of using Lasers in Embryo Biopsy Procedures
Provides a discussion of IVF Laboratory Cleanroom processes.
Cover Image Mol Hum Reprod 2012 18(7)Methylation Patterns in early embryos.
Active DNA demethylation in mammalian preimplantation embryos: new insights and new perspectives
Alteration of gene expression in human cumulus cells as a potential indicator of oocyte aneuploidy
Cover Image of Human Reproduction, October, 2011
Cover Image of Human Reproduction November, 2011
Video of 2 embryos using EmbryoScope
Hormonal & molecular characterization of follicular fluid, cumulus cells and oocytes from pre-ovulatory follicles in stimulated and unstimulated cycle
Istanbul consensus workshop on embryo assessment: proceedings of an expert meeting [RMBonline version]
Rapid Mitochondrial DNA Segregation in Primate Preimplantation Embryos Precedes Somatic and Germline
How Mitochondrial Genes Are Passed from Mother to Child
Sperm Crawl and Collide On Way to Egg, Say Scientists
Embryo collection induces transient activation of XBP1 arm of the ER stress response while embryo vi
New CPD Module - Embryo Assessment by ALPHA/ESHRE guidelines
Scientists Discover Tool That Uncrosses Chromosomes
Single or group culture of mammalian embryos: The verdict of the literature Michael L. Reed, Bryan
Blastocyst embryo grading pictures and photos from IVF, In Vitro Fertilization Advanced Fertility Ce
Delineation of Joint Molecule Resolution Pathways in Meiosis Identifies a Crossover-Specific Resolva
Scientists Discover Tool That Uncrosses Chromosomes
When and how should new technology be introduced into the IVF laboratory?
The Istanbul consensus workshop on embryo assessment: proceedings of an expert meeting [Hum Reproduction version]
The Istanbul consensus workshop on embryo assessment: proceedings of an expert meeting
Presentation by Dr Sharon Mortimer on the Consensus Workshop 2010 in Istanbul
Full in vitro fertilization laboratory mechanization: toward robotic assisted reproduction?
Key Component in Mother's Egg Critical for Survivial of Newly Formed Embryo
Ovastacin, a cortical granule protease, cleaves ZP2 in the zona pellucida to prevent polyspermy
Ovastacin Cuts Off Sperm Binding
Cleavage stage versus blastocyst stage embryo transfer in assisted reproductive technology
Fertility clock ticks for men, too
Importance of Blastocyst Morphology in Selection for Transfer
Does the Number of Retrieved Oocytes Influence Pregnancy Rate After Day 3 and Day 5 Embryo Transfer?
Advances in Embryo Transfer
Cdk1, but not Cdk2, is the sole Cdk that is essential and sufficient to drive resumption of meiosis
A Novel Isolator-Based System Promotes Viability of Human Embryos during Laboratory Processing
Increased Fertility Rate for IVF Patients Achieved by New Equipment Design
Generation of Chimeric Rhesus Monkeys
World’s First Primate Chimeric Offspring Produced: Research Demonstrates Not All Embryonic Stem Cell
First 'mixed embryo' monkeys born
Vitrification of human embryos previously cryostored by either slow freezing or vitrification result
A maternally inherited autosomal point mutation in human phospholipase C zeta (PLCζ:) leads to m
Microdrop preparation factors influence culture media osmolality, which can impair mouse embryo prei
Biologists Describe Key Mechanism in Early Embryo Development
Editorial commentary: Progesterone and spermatozoa: a long-lasting liaison comes to definition
The Transcriptome of a Human Polar Body Accurately Reflects its Sibling Oocyte
Biopsy of egg DNA to aid IVF
The use of morphokinetics as a predictor of embryo implantation.
Does the Potential for Chaos Constrain the Embryonic Cell-Cycle Oscillator?
In the Early Life of an Embryo, a Monster Lurks: Newly Fertilized Cells Only Narrowly Avoid Degenera
Human Sperm Binding Is Mediated by the Sialyl-Lewisx Oligosaccharide on the Zona Pellucida
Computer-assisted embryo selection: a benefit in the evaluation of embryo quality?
A change in boundary conditions induces a discontinuity of tissue flow in chicken embryos and the fo
Embryo Development Obeys the Laws of Hydrodynamics
Chromosomal mosaicism in human preimplantation embryos: a systematic review
Early Embryos Can Correct Genetic Abnormalities During Development, Researchers Find
Complete Kinetochore Tracking Reveals Error-Prone Homologous Chromosome Biorientation in Mammalian O
Failed fishing leads to faulty human eggs
The Journal of Clinical Embryology 12(2) 2009
The Journal of Clinical Embryology 12(1) 2009
Human Sperm Binding Is Mediated by the Sialyl-Lewisx Oligosaccharide on the Zona Pellucida
How Sticky Egg Captures Sperm: Discovery Could Help Explain Infertility Causes and Provide New Contr
Elevated Non-Esterified Fatty Acid Concentrations during Bovine Oocyte Maturation Compromise Early E
Maternal Fat Has Negative Impact On Embryo Development
The development of copulation in the natural world [Radio Link]
Rhythmic actomyosin-driven contractions induced by sperm entry predict mammalian embryo viability
Pulsations reveal which embryos have the best chance of success in IVF
How the Early Human Embryo Acquires Its Shape Through 'Organizer' Cells
Reconstitution of the Mouse Germ Cell Specification Pathway in Culture by Pluripotent Stem Cells
Dynamic changes in gene expression during human early embryo development: from fundamental aspects t
Glucose consumption of single post-compaction human embryos is predictive of embryo sex and live bir
What is life?
Sex As We Know It - Works Thanks to Ever-Evolving Host-Parasite Relationships,
Early Embryos Can Correct Genetic Abnormalities During Development: Findings Have Significant Implic
Early embryos can correct genetic abnormalities during development: findings have significant implic
Study identifies a protein complex possibly crucial for triggering embryo development
Protein Complex Possibly Crucial for Triggering Embryo Development Identified
Decisions, decisions: how are they made in the early embryo – and does it matter?
New genetic testing technology for IVF embryos
New Genetic Testing Technology for IVF Embryos
Apoptosis in the germ line [REVIEW]
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