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Organising ART services after COVID-19 - Created in 2020 - CPDID=673
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Return to CourseList Code:SEP2020.05 Title:Action planning for COVID-19 pandemic
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COVID-19 and assisted reproductive technology services: repercussions for patients and proposal for individualized clinical management
We herein propose remedies that include a prognostic-stratification of more vulnerable infertility cases in order to plan a progressive restart of worldwide fertility treatments. At a time when preventing complications and limiting burdens for national health systems represent relevant issues, our viewpoint might help competent authorities and health care providers to identify patients who should be prioritized for the continuation of fertility c

274. Organising ART services after COVID-19 [Commentary]
from: James Stanger ( ), Australia on 18/05/2020 7:18:18 AM Profession:
Comment: POSEIDON Criteria may provide a tool to reintroduce ART services.
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