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Are aneuploidy rates in natural and stimulated cycles different? - Created in 2019 - CPDID=594
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Embryonic aneuploidy rates are equivalent in natural cycles and gonadotropin-stimulated cycles
Result(s): Aneuploidy rates were equivalent in unstimulated and stimulated IVF cycles. The prevalence of aneuploidy in natural cycles increased with the age of the female partner in a manner identical to that seen in stimulated IVF cycles. Finally, sustained implantation rates of euploid blastocysts were equivalent in natural and stimulated IVF cycles.

261. Are aneuploidy rates in natural and stimulated cycles different? [Commentary]
from: James Stanger ( ), Australia on 15/10/2019 12:24:12 PM Profession:
Comment: In this USA Study, aneuploidy rates in natural and stimulated cycles were the same.
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