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Webinar List  
  ID Name            
141 Sperm selection with hyaluronic acid improved live birth outcomes   48
107 Mechanistic analysis of sperm selection with hyaluronic acid and treatment outcomes   64
106 Using electronic witnessing to minimize IVF errors   51
102 Live from PGDIS with our genomics experts   56
97 ERA Online Panel discussion - How to prepare a healthy endometrium?   59
96 pH Deep Dive   54
86 Oocyte pick up: How to prepare patients   54
85 Oocyte pick-up: Laboratory standards and recommendations   51
84 Oocyte pick up: Advice on clinical team communication   46
83 How RI Witness can help prevent mismatches   61
82 Electronic Witnessing: Lessons over ten years   58
81 Fertility preservation for cancer patients: In Vitro Maturation (IVM) and its role in oncofertility   51
80 Fertility preservation for cancer patients: The possible bright future of in-vitro maturation (IVM) and patient outcomes   53
77 Factors influencing success in donor IUI for lesbian and single women - the clinic   84
76 Factors influencing success in donor IUI for lesbian and single women - the laboratory   63
75 The Chamber of Secrets- Endometrial Preparation and Embryo Transfer   51
72 Artificial shrinkage for blastocyst vitrification   50
63 The Maribor consensus: report of an expert meeting on the development of performance indicators for clinical practice in ART   54
62 Evidence based best practice in ooctye pick-up: a clinical perspective   50
60 Managing Quality in the ART Laboratory   75
54 Demystifying mosaicism: The future   72
53 Demystifying mosaicism: Innovation and technology   65
52 Demystifying mosaicism: Where did it all begin?   59
51 Marginal Gains 3: Optimising culture conditions   52
50 Marginal gains 2: Dish set-up   53
49 Marginal gains: An introduction to the principles of marginal gains and its application in the IVF lab   55
48 Fertility preservation for cancer patients: optimizing oocyte recovery for IVM   52
46 Evidence based best practice in embryo transfer   55
45 Optimizing your embryo culture system   52
41 What to really expect from oocyte vitrifcation   51
40 IVFCPDVIDEO- Viotti   63
29 Evaluation of IVF laboratory outcomes with key performance indicators   73
3 Laboratory Controlled Factors Impacting IVF Culture Media Performance   52
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