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Education and training are a necessary part of ART/IVF activities.
IVFCPD is a dynamic and expanding resource individuals and clinics can use to train and to maintain knowledge in clinic staff.
Based upon a growing number of topics, IVFCPD organises these courses to be relevant to all professionals that make a functioning IVF clinic.

The projects reflect the wide range of topics being discussed in IVF and are pitched at both new staff and experienced staff.
There are designed to be either a once off learning experience or a dynamic course that grows as new publications and links are added to the content.
They are designed to be revisited regularly to keep staff abreast of current topics.

Each project dynamically contains a number of related IVFCPD courses - introductory, advanced, current topics and customised to individual clinics needs.
Some projects are developed to form part of an introduction to new staffs orientation.
Some projects are developed to grow into a broad advanced portfolios of critical topics.
Some projects are developed to follow new publications in current area of interest or debate, on new technology or processes.
Some projects can be created by team leaders to customised their staffs CPD programme and activities.

What is IVFCPD


At its heart, IVFCPD courses contain links to the abstracts of recent peer reviewed publications in journals that serve the IVF industry. Links may also be to open access articles, webinars or podcasts, or other credible information.
In its simplest form, a new course starts with a single link to a publication on a particular theme. Each theme may be relevant to one or more professional groups of a clinic.
Each course may grow as IVFCPD collates additional links to similar articles that then start to provide a minimal resource on the topic.
However, each course may contain a variety of activities including detailed learning material,lists of key points, comments, additional reading, simple or complex questions and glossaries and crosswords.
Importantly, each course is dynamic and users may access new courses or revisit past courses when updated.
While there are many articles published each week concerning various aspects of IVF, all but a few academically minded staff actually read them. They however contain a wealth of information that most IVF staff either are disinclined to read or do not have access to them. These are the very staff to whom IVFCPD hopes to improve their working knowledge of IVF.

There are specialised courses that provide CPD content over an above those already described.
One type contains list of detailed questions over a range of topic or images. These can be used as a training programme or a test of general knowledge.
Another specialised course follows a structured CPD program format on a range of topics. These are designed as orientation material for new staff.

Each activity in each course attracts points (IVFCPD calls these CPD minutes) that reflect the time a user may expect to spend of on the activity.

How can I use IVFCPD


IVFCPD can be used by an individual for their own CPD
IVFCPD can be used by clinics to document their staffs CPD activities for accreditation
IVFCDP can be used by clinics to document their staffs CPD activities for annual reviews.
IVFCPD can customize their staffs learning experience by selecting a number of courses to create their own project(s) to suit their own requirements. Personalised CPD is at the heart of IVFCDP.

A users may submit a summary of these points to their CPD providers as proof of ongoing education.
A clinic may submit their staff’s activity and the topics of their projects as proof of their commitment to ongoing education.

Societies or others bodies may use IVFCPD to support their members ongoing education
An individual can subscribe at a nominal fee to annual access to new activities
A clinic may subscribe for an annual subscription that will provide access to all clinic staff - one annual fee for all staff (with the same email).

From introductory courses for new staff to ongoing education for clinics, IVFCPD may be used by clinics to compliment or replace their existing professional development programmes and the CPD minutes accrued from doing these exercise maybe used for both accreditation and professional development.

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